The Government tries to attract the CUP to the budgets with public energy and 061

  • The anti-capitalists see scope for the agreement, but they wait for more gestures to convince their militancy, who will decide this weekend the future of the negotiations

Less than 24 hours before the Executive Council approves this Tuesday the draft Generalitat budgets By 2022, the Government itself has redoubled efforts to achieve the CUP’s approval of the accounts. Or, at the very least, to try to ensure that they pass the first parliamentary procedure, next week, and prevent a amendment to the whole return the project to the Executiu. To the 749 million that are dedicated to housing, as EL PERIÓDICO advanced this Sunday, the recovery of the public management of 061 is added, as has advanced this Monday ‘Nació Digital’ and, above all, one of the measures most demanded by the anti-capitalists: starting a company Catalan public energy. All this, to satisfy the ‘cupaire’ militancy, which, meeting this coming weekend, will vote on the future of the negotiations.

The main obstacles that threaten the agreement remain (macro-projects, taxes, independence roadmap, public services and social policies), but the Generalitat is diluting them as time runs out. The announcement of the public energy company was made by the ‘president’ himself, Pere Aragonès, in Glasgow, where he participated in the UN Climate Summit. Specifically, what Aragonès explained is the launch of a program that will allow staffing to promote said company in the coming months, and that will activate a working group to study how the public company should be. The program, which will depend on the Conselleria d’Acció Climática that leads Teresa Jordà, will allow to have a proposal of operation in six months.

The doubts of the CUP

According to Aragonès, through this company, the Government will participate in the production and generation of energy. Jordà, also present in the Scottish city, has clarified that this public energy company “does not pretend to be a marketer, but, on the contrary, it intends to produce “, and to do so in spaces that private developers probably discard for having little economic performance, such as canals, infrastructures, roads and public buildings. This story coincides with the demands that the CUP has put on the table , but from the party they assure that the accounts only allocate 500.000 euros to this commitment, something they consider “insufficient” to make it a reality.

ERC appeals to the “coherence” of who supported the investiture of Aragonès only five months ago

Refering to internalization of 061, the anti-capitalists emphasize that the fine print must be read carefully, because their objective is that both the telemarketers and the managers are subrogated (that is, they are not hired by private companies), while, according to them, the text of the Government refers only to staff of “health interest”, trying to keep the telephone operators out, something to which they do not intend to give in.

The cuperos analyze the Government’s proposal in detail and consider that there is still room to reach a pact, aware that the alternative may go through an agreement with the PSC that would delve into the “stabilization” strategy that they hate. They trust, precisely, that the accounts reflect, “at least”, the investiture agreement, so they expect movements from the Government to generate sympathy among their militancy before they vote on the presentation or not of a amendment to the whole.

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ERC, via its spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, appealed, for his part, to the “coherence” of the CUP, since not even five months have elapsed since the anti-capitalists placed their trust in Aragonès, through an investiture pact, and that only with new budgets it can give way to many of the points that that pact contained. For Vilalta, the project “represents a turn to the left“, which is why he valued the presence of ERC in the presidency of the Generalitat. A way of underlining the opposite, that is, and as the Republicans point out off the microphone, if the CUP does not agree with ERC, it will have to deal with the so-called ‘sociovergence’, that is, the agreement between Junts and PSC, as happened in the controversy over the expansion of the airport.

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