The Government tries to approach the CUP with transfers in referendum and housing

  • Republicans and ‘cupaires’ design the creation of a working group for a new attack

  • The Executiu raises spending on housing to the 1,000 million demanded by the anti-capitalists

ERC and CUP are already working to shape the working group for “the new attack on the State in the form of a referendum.” a ‘task force’ that was offered on Wednesday by the secretary general Marta Rovira and that, according to Republican sources, has been “well received” by the anti-capitalists.

In parallel, the Govern has satisfied one of the most iconic demands of the CUP, which is that the investiture pact that he foresaw that they would dedicate 1 billion to housing policies in 2022. According to sources from both parties, the Executiu has expressed its “commitment” by making “budgetary modifications” for this, but “based on income.” Right now, the accounts already foresee 749 million in housing, “an increase of 410 million, with respect to 2020,” recall government sources.

The cuperos assume that it is an advance in the negotiation although, at the same time, they point out that it is a commitment made by the Government itself after the 14-F elections, so they disdain having entered a terrain of renegotiating what has already been negotiated to approve budgets and not go beyond a pact that at the time was already labeled “minimum.”

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Be that as it may, the talks will continue throughout the day today, because the anti-capitalists have summoned the open parliamentary coordinator – the decision-making body with representation from all the organizations of the candidacy – this Saturday morning in Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda , to shape their positioning on the accounts. Thus, they hope that during this Friday the Government will continue to make assignments in the five areas that they put on the table: macro-projects, housing, taxation, independence roadmap and public order.

What can the CUP decide? Depending on the positioning of the organizations, they will decide whether to submit the latest offer of the Government to the debate of the entire militancy or if they maintain the position that the internal ballot boxes have already set: maintain the amendment to the whole and continue negotiating with the Executiu.

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