The Government sets the goal of ending the year with inflation “far from two digits”

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, assured this Monday that the Government is working so that the inflation average in Spain ends the year far from two digits, although it has wanted to guarantee that pensions will be revalued according to that data whatever it is, as established by law.

In statements to La Sexta, Montero recalled that the 2023 budget it will begin to be elaborated in the month of July and it will be in November when it is necessary to observe “how that average inflation behaves”.

“It is evident that the Government trusts in the stabilization of prices” and in fact “is working on scenarios so that the average inflation for the year is far from those two digits,” but the commitment to pensioners is “forceful”, added the minister, while stressing that the pension law, agreed with Europe and approved only a few months ago, will be fulfilled.

For this reason, he wanted to transmit a reassurance message to pensioners.

As for when inflation could begin to fall, the minister said that “in the second semester there could be a stabilization” to close the year with data “that is not even similar to what we have experienced in this first quarter”.

In this regard, he added that “the sooner the war is over” and “the sooner the sanctions dissuade Putin from continuing this aggression”, the Executive will have “greater capacity to stabilize prices” and that drop in inflation will be seen “in all European countries”.

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