The Government sees 2023 as unworkable for the dialogue table and will focus on making progress this year

  • Next year’s election cycle forces Republicans to focus efforts on this 2022

  • The definition of the boundaries of the conflict highlights the major differences in content between the parties

There are four principles that ERC supports. Three are in their acronyms: social democracy, republicanism and independence. The fourth is newly minted, from just three years ago, and it is the principle of realityadopted when Oriol Junqueras Y Marta Rovira set aside any debate about the legality and morality, or not, of 1-O to confirm that what was obvious was that did not have the desired effect in the international community. The same principle is what the Republicans and, by extension, the government, came to the conclusion 2023as regards the dialogue table, it will be incompetent and therefore, while we wait for Pedro Sánchez to renew his stay in Moncloa, we must put all the meat on the grill, “we will go deep,” explains a Republican voice, and progress as much as possible, in this 2022.

You also do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that if in this 2022 the Socialists They postponed the third sitting of the table because elections were called in Castilla y Leónand to add insult to injury, there is still no date not only for this forum but even for one completely ‘autonomous’ if the Bilateral Commissionit will be worse in 2023. And it is that in May, yes or yes, the municipal and regional elections. Some elections which, in addition to elucidating local power, from which the barons of the PSOE are fed, will be read as pre-election for the general election, which, if the legislature is exhausted, will take place that same fall. It is better not to throw away the dialogue with Catalonia, a flammable material in the rest of Spain.

Concentrated calendar

In this context, ERC knows that the PSOE will talk little or nothing about an issue that only affects it negatively at the ballot box. Thus, in the internal predictions of the Catalan section, as this newspaper has learned, the calendar is concentrated in 2022.

The goal of the Republicans now is to agree with the central government conflict definition. Having agreed on the diagnosis, ‘what exists between Catalonia and Spain is a conflict of a political nature’, the struggle, the content of part of the discrete talks that are conducted, is to limit its terms .

Springboard to solution

According to ERC, a good definition of the conflict automatically leads to a proposed solution. And here come the differences. According to sources from the Generalitat, the central government does not give up in its attempt to “autonomize” the problem. With the ‘reunion agenda’ as a guide, the socialists adapt to investment issues, or new ones like the Catalan. ERC maintains that the problem, the struggle, is about sovereignty. What Catalonia itself can and cannot decide.

It is clear that if the agreed framework is that of the economic and symbolic abuse of Catalonia, the solution that emerges is one. If, on the other hand, it is agreed that the debate is about the sovereignty, is another one. This is the current crossroads.

No guarantees for success

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Will this 2022 be enough to reach significant agreements? Republican voices point out that it is difficult, but that the window that exists is this and no other. Again, principle of reality. If Pedro Sánchez takes over Moncloa again in 2023, the window would get longer and even with the perspective of four years ahead to the next election cycle, it can broaden. But there is no possible guarantee and the truth is that the presidency of the government in 2023 could fall on someone who opposes any face-to-face dialogue with autonomy.

All this without having your own Catalan election logicwith a government in which its 50% (the one of Together) not only is he not present at the negotiating table, but constantly teases her. Republicans are no longer reluctant to show their impatience with the Socialists by repeating the messages they issued a few months ago. For example, the lack of a proposal for Catalonia by the Government. He said this, in Madrid, Pere Aragonès In the past week. repeated it Marta Vilalta this Monday after the meeting of the Republican permanent.

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