“The Government pacts with the devil”: hundreds of people remember the victims of ETA in Madrid

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Several hundred people have attended this Saturday the rally called in Madrid by the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), where they have paid tribute to the people killed by ETA Henri Parot and have demanded end “the humiliation of the victims” that suppose the exaltations of the members of the band.

Representatives of the regional government and the Madrid City Council, as well as the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, have attended the call in the square of the Dominican Republic, where 12 civil guards were killed in 1986, and which has coincided with acts in San Sebastián , Zaragoza and Granada, other cities where Parot committed murders.

The mobilization of the AVT takes place in response to the events organized in the Basque Country by the citizen network of support to the prisoners of ETA “Sare”, which in principle was going to request in Arrasate / Mondragón (Guipúzcoa) the release of Parot and which has finally been replaced by local calls against “life imprisonment.”

The honorary president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism, María Pedraza, together with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida.

The honorary president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism, María Pedraza, together with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida.


After receiving a multitude of criticism from various levels for organizing acts in support of one of ETA’s most bloodthirsty prisoners, to whom 39 murders are attributed, Sare chose to modify his mobilization so as not to refer to any specific ETA.

However, the president of the AVT, Ángeles Pedraza, has regretted that it was not the Basque or central governments themselves who canceled such an act of “exaltation and public justification of terrorism”, and has assured that victims feel “cheated, humiliated and vilified.”

In that sense, he has accused the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, of being able to “make a pact with the devil” for not abandoning “his chair in Moncloa”, although “the price is the victims of Spain and the Spaniards” , in reference to the support of the EH Bildu party to form a government.

After listing the names of the 39 fatalities attributed to Parot, Pedraza pointed out that Sare’s objective is to “show terrorists as victims and praise those who have been convicted” and has reproached the Executive of Pedro Sánchez for “not do nothing to prevent it. “

“Enough of the humiliation of the victims, enough of the perks to the terrorists, enough of the handshakes with the representatives of the terrorists in the institutions, “Pedraza snapped at Sánchez, while criticizing the fact that he had promoted” the leadership of this State “to those, alluding to EH Bildu,” who continue without condemning the murder “of their loved ones.

Pedraza has concluded that, despite being branded “as vindictive, as looks or as puppets of I don’t know which parties”, what the AVT does is defend “decency”, “dignity” and “freedom”.

The daughter of one of Parot’s victims, María Ángeles Ibáñez, also spoke to the media. She declared: “Seeing the murderers in Congress now, that all Spaniards are paying for them (…) all the victims of terrorism, because we have half of Spain that is sick, we have been left with half a sick society, and then they do not see that this happens in any country in the world. “

After making a wreath at the monument to the victims of the attack in the Plaza de la República Dominicana, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, stressed that the change of the tribute to Henri Parot has not been “by conviction”, but by “social pressure”, and has added that “the problem is that they are tolerated, that they are protected and that there is a heartbreaking silence for the victims like the one that has occurred from the Government of the nation.”

On the part of the Community of Madrid, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, David Pérez, has expressed his “unwavering support for the victims” and has rejected “any tribute to the terrorists and those who have done so much damage to Spain.”

From Vox, its spokesperson in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has added that victims “are vilified” every time “the Interior Minister approaches one of these bloodthirsty prisoners” and added that “it cannot be that in a modern democracy the victims are suffering every day.”

The deputy spokesman for Ciudadanos in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has condemned “the impudence of wanting to pay tribute to the most bloodthirsty ETA of all time”, and has called to combat the “global strategy” of “praising those who were the executioners” and “re-victimizing those who suffered the loss of loved ones.”


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