The Government offers the CUP to lower education ratios and review the role of Brimo in evictions

A progressive reduction of ratios in the cycles of infant and primary and changes in the role of Brimo de los Mossos d’Esquadra en los desahucios. These are two of the measures of the latest proposal that the Government has put on the table of the CUP to endorse the 2022 budgets. The Executive transferred these new offers to the anti-capitalists on Monday, which are not yet incorporated into the project of the accounts that the Consell Executiu approved and presented publicly on Tuesday. Government sources point out that the executive, open to negotiation, awaits the return of the CUP to this last formulation. The document also contemplates, among other issues, the possibility of internalize 112.

The reduction of ratios in infant and primary school aims to pass 25 to 20 students per classroom. To do this, the 2022-2023 academic year should start with 1,545 new professionals. This, they indicate, would mean an increase of 56.8 million euros in Chapter 1 of the accounts for Education.

Regarding public order, the Government defends that recourse to the ARRO and Brimo units in evictions must be limited as much as possible. The Department of the Interior undertakes to monitor the evolution of cases in which the intervention of these Mossos forces is needed and to deploy a new police work protocol for cases of actions under judicial mandate during an eviction.

In this last approach to the Catalan accounts, the Government also puts on the table the possibility of internalizing 112, after evaluating the management model. The Catalan Executive already plans to include in the law of fiscal, financial, administrative and public sector measures by 2022 the internalization of the 061 service.

Cruise emissions tax

Also to attract the CUP, the Government indicates that it will promote, before the end of 2022, the pending taxes of the climate change law. And it guarantees that it will start this November by the tax on nitrogen oxide emissions emitted by large ships.

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The CUP-NCG will ask its bases this weekend if it presents an amendment to the entirety, and does not allow the processing of budgets, or if it abstains. They are the two options of the first of the three votes that the anti-capitalists have planned to decide their position on public accounts. If at the first consultation there is an amendment to the entirety, it will be asked in a new consultation if it is necessary to continue negotiating or the negotiation ends. On the other hand, if there is abstention, a third vote will ask if the current agreement is insufficient or sufficient for final approval.

The Parliament will hold the debate on all the budgets on November 22.

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