The Government of the Future begins in Monterrey

On November 16, the Municipal President of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio, announced the announcement of the “SIGA 2022 AWARDS”, which aim to recognize public digital innovation; Likewise, he shared his vision of leading Monterrey to be the most innovative and humane city in all of Mexico, giving guidelines to programs that promote collaboration and the strengthening of the community with the support of his cabinet and with the participation of Xertica, Partner of Google and Salesforce in Latin America.

The call is available at: where you can know the bases, requirements and registration mode to participate; Among the prizes are 1,000 credits for Google Cloud Platform and the corresponding training provided by Xertica, as well as advice from the Rector Nuevo León 4.0.

Xertica, promoter of smart citizen care in Latin America

Regarding what role it plays Xertica In the Siga 2022 Award, we spoke with Orlando Solís, CEO of Xertica, who told us in an interview that governments are taking a quantum leap by moving to advanced technologies such as Google Cloud and Salesforce, because citizens demand more effective and immediate responses .

Technology enables us to have much better designed cities, where citizen-centered strategies are really generated, thinking about their well-being, healthy coexistence and taking care of data security.

Orlando Solis has also participated as a Lecturer in CIAPEM (Computing Committee of the State and Municipal Public Administration), supporting various government entities to define their digital strategy to provide a better service to the citizen.

“We are in a world that operates digitally, we want faster procedures, without having to wait in long lines and that can be done from anywhere and from mobile devices, in addition the expectation is that the government uses the information that citizens share or the documentation that is delivered to any agency for future procedures, there is a great challenge of interoperability between agencies ”, commented the manager.

Xertica will seek to impact 100 million people in 2025

The cloud expert company has observed how well applied technology can facilitate the improvement of public management processes and improve citizen service.

“We are convinced that, if we help improve public management and education with our technologies, it is our way of changing and improving society, and making a difference,” according to Orlando Solís.

Xertica currently works with more than 100 public sector entities, including municipal and state governments, federal agencies and decentralized organizations from different Latin American countries.

The plan of Xertica By 2025, it is to reach 100 more public institutions and, in total, positively impact more than 100 million citizens of Latin America with Google and Salesforce technologies at the service of public management.

Currently, Xertica is operating in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, being the most specialized partner in Google and Salesforce cloud solutions, generating value in both the public and private sectors; where they have worked with companies in the financial industries, retail, companies with digital business models or Digital Natives and Education.

Xertica success stories

Among the success stories that the CEO of Xertica commented, is the Mayor’s Office of Cali, in Colombia; the Government of Jalisco, Sonora and Sinaloa, in Mexico; the Judicial Power of Peru and the Ministry of Telecommunications in Ecuador.

Xertica has also collaborated with entities such as Baja California, a state that currently strongly promotes its digital strategy, and where they work on issues of citizen service and simplification of procedures; in addition to the state of Guerrero, where they are working on modernizing their Cloud infrastructure.

At the international level, Xertica signed on September 6, a macro collaboration agreement with the Government of Ecuador with the mission of reducing the digital divide in the country through different initiatives that will impact citizens and modernize public entities with technologies. de Nube, Orlando explained.

In Xertica’s words

At Xertica, it is vital for us to continue promoting citizen ideas that lead us to find new ways to solve problems thanks to technology. We are very motivated to be part of projects for the transformation of the public sector and initiatives that put citizens at the center.

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