The Government negotiates against the clock with ERC and PNV to overcome the most difficult procedure of the Budgets

  • The Executive tries that republicans and nationalists do not present complete amendments: they can register them until tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

  • Ciudadanos joins PP, Vox and Foro Asturias and announces that it will present an alternative project to the Executive’s text

The processing schedule for the General Budgets of the State of 2022 is advancing in Congress. The road is long and tomorrow, Friday, at two in the afternoon, a decisive procedure for the coalition government will arrive: until that time a amendment of totality to the Accounts to try to knock them down. For now, those that have been announced only come from the right. Ciudadanos has joined this Thursday morning to those communicated by the PP, Vox and Foro Asturias (which concurred in coalition with the popular to the general elections).

The Executive of PSOE and United We can already took them for granted. More pending is two that are key to being able to keep Budgets on their way: the total amendments that they can present. ERC (13 deputies) and PNV (6). The two parliamentary groups and their leaders in Catalonia and Euskadi are currently negotiating discreetly with the Government not to take that step, but in the Catalan party they already launch a warning: “Maybe Pedro Sánchez needs a scare”. A scare that would come in the form of a totality amendment and that Republicans, like the rest of the parliamentary groups, can withdraw at any time before the vote, next Thursday. Junts, with four deputies, also threatens to register a total alternative project to the Accounts, although for the Executive it is not among the fundamental partners at the moment.

“Maybe Pedro Sánchez needs a scare,” they say in ERC about the option to present the entire amendment

The pressure strategy of ERC and PNV reaches the Government in a week with the internal crisis due to the labor reform. And while trying to clarify who is driving and what is changed from that fundamental economic law, the coalition Executive must try to overcome the different obstacles it has to process the Budgets.

The minimum vital income and the audiovisual law

In the negotiations with the Republicans, the need to guarantee the protection of Catalan in the new audiovisual law is being addressed, in order to oblige the platforms to offer a minimum of their catalog in the co-official languages ​​of the State. ERC also wants some promises made by Sánchez that have fallen into oblivion to be fulfilled. For example, that the Generalitat de Catalunya will manage the minimum vital income (IMV), a commitment that it acquired last year to precisely have the support of the Republicans for this year’s Budgets. The deputy general secretary and spokesperson for ERC, Marta Vilalta, has also declared in Ràdio 4 that they claim that the execution of investments in Catalonia is, “at least”, in the average of the rest of the autonomous communities. “There have to be movements, it is not valid only with words and we believe that there is still time in the hours that remain today and tomorrow,” he stressed.

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The PNV, always not very transparent when the final stretch of this type of negotiations approaches, has declared in a generalist way and points out that there are 27 matters pending to be transferred, including the IMV and commuter train lines. Itxaso Atutxa, president of the Vizcaya PNV, told Radio Euskadi on Tuesday that Sánchez “must take seriously” the delays in the competitions.

Junts, for their part, has made a list with five conditions to decide whether to present an amendment to the whole: they want the covid aid fund, a territorialized management of European funds, mechanisms to ensure compliance with the investments, incorporate Catalan into the audiovisual law and the transfer of Suburbs.

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