The Government gives up seeking private guarantees for the Court of Auditors

  • Economy remains the management of this fund created for the leaders processed by the 1-O

  • The Generalitat maintains the reform of linguistic immersion and turns a deaf ear to the complaints of Junts and the ANC

The Government has agreed that the Conselleria d’Economia will definitively be the manager of the funds with which it has covered the guarantees that 29 pro-independence political leaders They had to satisfy the Court of Auditors as a result of the investigation of this organism on the foreign policy of the ‘procés’.

It is a total fund of €10 million, which generated legal controversy but has been defended at all times by the Generalitat as a legitimate means of defense of those investigated. Government spokesperson, Patricia Plajahas underlined that the different judicial decisions on this conflict “have confirmed the legal and constitutional validity” of the procedure.

In any case, with the decision adopted this Tuesday, the door that the Government opened for this money to be advanced is closed private financial entities. Plaja has defended that, in any case, the “coverage of the guarantees was legally impeccable”.

Pulse with Junts and the ANC

On the other hand, the Government has remained firm in its defense of the “political consensus” generated by the reform of the language policy lawdespite the now critical position of Junts per Catalunya, a member of the Executive, and the outright rejection of the Catalan National Assembly. The spokeswoman has avoided the conflict with these organizations and has insisted on the idea that she “is working” in favor of the social consensusbut always defending the goodness of what was agreed by the parliamentary groups of ERC, JxCat, the PSC and the ‘comuns’.

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The Government has also been firm in the conflict opened by the Government of Aragon against the initial proposal of olympic bid. Plaja has accused the Aragonese Executive of the PSOE of opening a controversy “unilaterally”. “We have to be serious, we will not move,” he added.

No mask to school

The Government, on the other hand, has confirmed that this Thursday it will publish a resolution that will allow Primary and Secondary students return to schools on April 19 without wearing the masks. It will be a day before the measure is generalized at the state level. Plaja has stressed that it is a coordinated decision with the central government.

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