The Government finalizes the Aragonès-Sánchez meeting but maintains that relations remain “frozen”

  • The spokeswoman replies to Junts’ demands to agree on the appointment: “The ‘president’ has absolute freedom of agenda”

  • ERC and Junts try to defuse the latest internal clash by committing to discuss discreetly

Government spokesperson, Patricia Beachhas explained that the meeting between the ‘president’ Aragonès and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is being worked on before August, but has assured, in relation to Junts’ criticism of the meetings with the Government, that relations between the two executives are not thawed: “No reason to thaw or normalize” and has framed the meetings between Vilagrà and Bolaños and that it will take place between both presidents in a context of “preliminary phase to see if these relations can be unfrozen”.

Plaja has also warned Junts, who this Monday demanded consensus on this possible meeting, that “the ‘president’ is an institution that has a life of its own, it makes the agenda based on the interests of the country, it has absolute freedom of agenda.” Having said this, he stated that Aragonès, from ERC, and the vice-president Jordi Puignerofrom Junts, have agreed that the discrepancies between both partners of the Executive must be “treat in a discreet and private way the possible differences, discrepancies” that they may exist. In relation to Junts’s anger about the meeting between the ‘consellera’ Vilagra and the minister Bolanos, both partners have also agreed “the maximum transfer of information” internally. Plaja has confirmed that work is being done so that the meeting between Aragonòes and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, will take place before the month of August.

Plaja has stated that at the meeting of the Consell Executiu “there has been no discussion” of the decision of the representatives of together of not going this Monday to the act organized by the PIME in the FCBarcelona stadium.

The goal of the Games remains

The spokeswoman has reaffirmed the will of the Government to present a solo candidacy for the Winter Olympics in 2030. “This proposal will be sent to the COE in the coming days or weeks,” Plaja confirmed. According to the spokeswoman, “the territory asks that the opportunity not be missed.”

University price reduction

Related news

The Government has approved the university price decree for the next academic year, for which there will be two prices for university degrees. The prices of the degrees go from almost 28 euros to 18.5 euros and a half. The reduction is added to that of 30% in the previous course, which affected degrees and masters. The Government allocates 27.5 million euros to cover this reduction.

Reply to Lambán

“The Games have already been destroyed, leave the Catalans alone and not spit on Catalonia every time they put a microphone or a recorder in front of it,” Plaja said about the statements by the Aragonese president, Javier Lambán, about “supremacism “of the Catalan independence movement.

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