The Government demands that Feijóo pay attention to the European right and isolate Vox

After the extreme right Marine LePen entered the first round of the French presidential elections this Sunday, the Spanish extreme right will seal its irruption in the Government of Castilla y León this Monday. Vox will support the investiture of the popular Alfonso Fernandez Manueco and will secure four seats in the Executive. The message from the central government is clear: the extreme right must be isolated and not given a place in the institutions. The example to follow, they say, is the European right.

We do not hide the concern of the Government because the extreme right occupies the responsibility of government“, recognized the minister spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, first thing in the morning in an interview on Antena3. Immediately afterwards, she asked the newly elected leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijoomake a “reflection” and look at the European right that is “putting cordons sanitaire” on formations similar to the one led by Santiago Abascal.

During the transfer of power in the PP, Feijóo already gave his approval to the agreement with the ultras in Castilla y León, although he has preferred not to verbalize it in public. Thus, Rodríguez has demanded from the still president of the Xunta a “change of course, a centered, European right that puts an end to the extreme right in our country“.

“Turn on all the alerts”, said the minister spokesperson after knowing the results of the first round of the French presidential elections in which they have entered Emmanuel Macron Y Marine LePen. He has also spoken about the terrible results obtained by the French socialist party, which has barely achieved 5% of the votes: “These are difficult times that we are experiencing. They are exceptional and very specific circumstances. The important thing is that at this time we are all to combat far-right approaches”, he has sentenced.

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