The Government criticizes the Generalitat for “giving credibility” to Villarejo: “He wants to mess it up”

The Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, appeared this Wednesday to present the “Compliance” report on the degree of fulfillment of the Executive’s commitments to the Catalans in the second half of 2001. But apart from these data, The act has served to offer a first assessment from the Government on the accusations of former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo that the CNI had some responsibility in the 2017 Islamist attacks in Catalonia.

Cunillera has criticized the Generalitat for “give fuel” to Villarejo’s insinuations. The Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, published a statement on Tuesday night in which he demanded that the Government undertake “pertinent investigations” to purge the “possible possibilities”. The text added: “The ‘president’ Aragonès has demanded that the truth be known, for the victims, for the Catalans and for all those who are on the side of peace and democracy”.

The Government delegate in Catalonia has shown “shocked” by this decision. “This man tries to entangle, seek protagonism. He tries to sow shadows of suspicion without ever providing any evidence. He is declaring as a defendant, he has the right not to tell the truth. I do not understand that he is given credibility,” he said.

Cunillera has referred to a statement from the Unit for Attention and Assessment of Those Affected by Terrorism to ask for “respect” for the victims. “That was terrible, it was investigated, there was a trial. Villarejo’s insinuations have no material support, more than the desire to mess it up. Villarejo is annoyed that we Spaniards live together. Let’s not play along with him. Catalan society does not gain anything, it does not need tension. It is a typical declaration of that gentleman”, added the delegate.

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Endorsement of the role of the Mossos

The representative of the Government in Catalonia also wanted to defend the role of the Mossos d’Esquadra in the investigation of the attacks, which she described as “the best possible”, and which, she recalled, served to define the responsibilities of the terrorists.

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