The Government creates these two new modalities of Baccalaureate and more electives in ESO: this is how they will be

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As of the next year, the students who take high school they can choose up to five modalities different instead of the current three. It is the proposal that the Ministry of Education has sent to the autonomous communities, as advanced SER string, and which will be debated this Wednesday in the General Education Commission, a technical body, where the changes that the Minister of Education intends to carry out will also be detailed, Pilar Alegria, in the subjects of the rest of the courses.

In Baccalaureate, what they propose is to unfold the Arts modality that the Wert law eliminated and establish one of Music and Performing Arts, and another in Plastic Arts, Image and Design. The main novelty, however, as planned by the Education law that the Government approved in 2020, will be a kind of open Baccalaureate in which the student, in addition to the compulsory subjects, will be able to take courses in other modalities and design their own curriculum a la carte.


In Secondary Education, Technology will be compulsory for all students in at least one grade between first and third; as well as Plastic, Visual or Audiovisual Education or Music, but in this case during the first cycle of ESO. In the previous educational law, these subjects were optional.

The Ministry of Education also proposes that among the optional subjects, students can take a monographic work or a collaboration project with the community.

In the fourth year, students will have to choose between mathematics A or B, and they will also have a wider offer of electives, from which they will have to choose three: Technology, Digitization, Economy and entrepreneurship, Artistic expression, and Music or Personal and professional Training and Guidance.


In Primary, Knowledge of the environment will return, although it may be expanded into Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. Like Plastic, which can be divided into Plastic and Visual Education and Music and Dance. As for the new subject, Civic or Ethical Values, it will be taught in the fifth and sixth year and even in the first year of ESO, depending on what each Autonomous Community decides. Religion, on the other hand, will continue to be an elective in all courses.

All these changes will take effect in the odd-numbered courses of the different stages as of September 2022; and in the even courses it will be in 2023.

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