The Government authorized espionage on 18 leaders of Tsunami Democràtic with Pegasus

The government authorized the National Intelligence Center (CNI) intervene the telephone of 18 leaders of Tsunami Democraticthe platform that led the mobilizations against the sentence of 1-O in October 2019, according to publishes this Thursday El Confidencialwhich cites sources close to the operation.

Among those spied upon by the Executive is the engineer who has led the investigation into the supposed espionage to the Catalan independence movement, Elies Campo Cid39, a fundamental piece for his role in designing the technological structure of the movement, according to the newspaper.

The results of the investigations, which also included the mandatory authorization of Supreme Court, was transmitted to Moncloa, according to the sources cited by this publication.

Campo denounces that he is one of the 65 in the secessionist world whose cell phones were infected with programs of Israeli origin Pegasus and Cardiru to access their data and communications.

According to El Confidencial, the report does not name those responsible for the alleged espionage, but points to the CNI and other Spanish information services. According to Campo, the bulk of the punctures would have occurred in 2019 and 2020.

The dates coincide with the preparations and the development of Tsunami Democràtic, the wave of protests and street altercations in the center of Barcelona in the middle of the pre-campaign for the 10N general elections.

On these same dates there were also contacts in the environment of former president Carles Puigdemont with Russian officials and former intelligence officers to obtain the support of Vladimir Putin for the plans of the Catalan independence movement.

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The newspaper El Español also published information in this regard, noting that the judge endorsed the use of the Pegasus spy program due to the alleged links between Catalan separatism and Russia and Tsunami Democràtic.

Likewise, it points out that some of those investigated by the Spanish spies were those chosen by Puigdemont to integrate or form “the Catalan CNI”, according to the sources of the Spanish secret services cited by this medium.

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