The Government against Vargas Llosa for saying that “they vote badly”: “They do not recognize the electoral result”

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The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolaños, considers that the declarations of the writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, in the National Convention of the PP on “voting well” carry “implicit” a “not to recognize the electoral result”.

Thus, he assured that the Government of Spain has suffered “from the beginning so many accusations from the opposition“in that direction and that” many of them come precisely from what is implicit in those words, which is not to recognize the electoral result. “

“I believe that the important thing is to vote and citizens are not wrong when they vote, they value what we have done and decide who their governments and representatives are,” said Bolaños, who visited yesterday and is still on La Palma today, in an interview on Radio Club Tenerife.

The minister acknowledged that citizens “sometimes choose larger or smaller majorities”, but stressed that in their “humble opinion they are not wrong.” “It is a fundamental right to do it with absolute freedom, it is a basic principle of democracy, “he said.

“Regrettable dictatorship”

Bolaños responded in this way to the statements of the Nobel Prize winner who said that “The important thing about an election is not that there is freedom in those elections, but rather to vote well.” “Voting well is very important because countries that vote poorly, as has happened with some Latin American countries, pay dearly. And then, make no mistake, free elections are very important, but it is also very important that those who vote , vote well, “he said.

Bolaños concluded by explaining that “it is important that everyone can vote” because “there are places in the world where you cannot”, such as “Spain for many decades” in which “it suffered a regrettable dictatorship“And when you vote now everyone gets the ballot they choose, because it is their free decision and their legitimate decision,” he said.

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