The Government admits that some issues on the table with Catalonia will not be negotiated “in the light of day”

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The Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños, present this Wednesday at the dialogue table with Catalonia, has assured that the meeting with the Government was “very cordial” and that from now on the meetings will be “without deadlines, without haste and methodical” and, above all, “discretion will prevail “.

Although Bolaños explained that the agreements reached “will always be public” and “total transparency” will prevail, he has also made it clear that the works will be discreet and far from the media spotlight, something that you think is “a must”.

In an interview on RAC1, Félix Bolaños has recognized that the Government’s objective is to “work with discretion” and that there is issues to be discussed and negotiated that cannot be done “in the light of day.” Despite this, he stressed that “we are doing a great service to Catalan and Spanish society” with this dialogue table.

Meeting in … 2022?

Asked about the date of the next meeting, Bolaños pointed out that both the Government of Spain and that of Catalonia have agreed not to set a specific day. “We will see each other in the next few weeks or months,” said Bolaños, who has even left the door open for that next meeting not until after christmas. That is, already in 2022.

“Yesterday we did not determine dates. Setting a deadline for that meeting would not be very useful,” said the Minister of the Presidency, who insisted that when that meeting between governments arrives, the date and time “will be public.” “First of all, the works will be discreet“, has added several times.

Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès this Wednesday at the Palau.  Efe

Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès this Wednesday at the Palau. Efe

On how the meeting between the two delegations went, Bolaños explained that it served “to get to know each other.” “We introduce ourselves and talk about the methodology,” he said. The Government put on the table the now famous Agenda for the Reunion, which included, as Bolaños pointed out, “proposals made by Artur Mas, Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra”. “We have addressed these issues and we have given them in writing,” he added.

What was not discussed was the expansion of the El Prat airport and the possible reform of the crimes of sedition and rebellion, but the self determination, at which point the Government expressed its firm rejection. “We put forward our political position in this regard. Any agreement that it achieves must be within the law and the Constitution,” Bolaños pointed out.

“Sovereignty is ending”

At this point, the minister has valued the need for a real dialogue with Catalonia over time, making it clear that “the stage of sovereignty is already ending” although recognizing that “the positions are very far apart.” “The only way to bring positions closer is dialogue. For us it is essential that Catalonia surpasses a decade in which many things have been lost,” said Bolaños, who believes that the time has come to put an end to the “monologues” in Catalonia. .

Finally, Bolaños has reached out to Junts to join the table and has made it clear that these meetings between the two governments should extend “beyond this government”, that is, they should continue whether or not the PSOE wins the next elections. However, it has recognized that “the political action of one government cannot condition the next.”

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