The Good End will be mobile, are you ready?

The end of the year sales season could start in the palm of your hand. And it is that the mobile has become so indispensable for electronic commerce today, that it would be impossible to think of a business that does not take advantage of this device to launch promotions and discounts during El Buen Fin.

In fact, globally mobile devices are expected to be used in 67% of all online purchases in 2021, according to the Borderless Commerce Report de PayPal. In addition, it is estimated that an average of 26% of consumers prefer to use their mobile phone instead of a laptop when making their purchases.

This has to do with infrastructure improvements by companies that provide internet due to the demand for this service; but also with the fact that on mobile phones it is possible for businesses to offer a better experience to their customers, without forgetting the plus provided by social networks to encourage consumption.

In the case of Mexico —one of the 13 key e-commerce markets in the world— 54% of consumers consider their smartphone as the favorite device for making their purchases online, according to the same study.

For this reason, businesses must be prepared for this season by keeping their site optimized, offering payment preferences and innovating in purchases.

PayPal offers security, convenience and speed in e-commerce transactions via smartphones. Currently, there are more than 400 million consumers and businesses with active accounts that use it successfully.

Other recommendations for businesses are that there is speed in the delivery, in addition to that the products focus on aspects such as value, convenience and security, together with the shopping experience.

El Buen Fin 2021, the end of the year sales season in which the best sales, discounts and promotions are offered, will take place from November 10 to 16.

Click on the Borderless Commerce Report de PayPal to learn about global trends in 13 key markets, which will allow you to identify potential areas for your business growth.

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