Chang, who plays chief of surgery Audrey Lim, says the filming has been “very meta.”

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The Good Doctor has re-entered for the fifth season. The drama, which airs on Mondays on CTV and ABC, is filmed in Vancouver and centers on a team of medical professionals at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Postmedia News spoke with Christina Chang, who plays Chief of Surgery Audrey Lim, about her time on the show:

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Q: What a time to star in a medical drama! How was the filming of season 5?

A: It was great. We started not long ago. Not long ago, we ended season 4, so we had a little hiatus and now we’re back. I’m just thankful that we can keep shooting.

Q: Last season, the show addressed the pandemic and Audrey developed PTSD. How did you approach that story?

A: It was important to me, the writers and (showrunner) David Shore that we portray someone dealing with pandemic-related PTSD in a way that was believable, but also in line with our fictional world. It has to be something that someone in my position is dealing with, but that can still work somehow.

And it was important that we address it, period. We are well aware that it is something that many frontline workers and caregivers, all of whom are in a position to try to save lives, are grappling with on some level. He gave me a bit more information on how it should be, but I’m just playing around while other people are really taking care of it.

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Q: Has playing a doctor on the show affected your opinion about the pandemic?

A: Actually, it was only the first two episodes of season 4 that dealt with that, but it was quite difficult for most of us to do so because we were still in the thick of it (in real life). Just knowing that we were portraying what everyone else was dealing with in real time was very meta.

And now we are in season 5. The idea, obviously, is that we are in a world where that did exist but that we have advanced. We’re not acting like it didn’t happen, we’re just not directly addressing it now.

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Q: What can viewers expect in season 5?

A: The first episode was titled New Beginnings and we found that it was quite an appropriate title, considering it is. After Guatemala in season 4, everyone returns to San Buenaventura and some of us are in relationships. We have new characters joining the show. All are new beginnings, but more of the same. You’re watching all the characters work to heal people and solve their own problems and keep evolving in season 5.

Q: What has been the best part of playing Audrey?

A: I love some of these clever phrases that are written to you. She can be cheeky and sarcastic with these little jokes and that’s funny, but ultimately, I think the moments that I enjoy are when she’s on a learning curve, those moments and scenes where she has to go, “I’m not going to be afraid. be the boss. ” It’s this evolution for her from being a trauma surgeon to being the chief of surgery and just having to put on her big girl pants and do it anyway.

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The Good Doctor airs on Mondays on CTV and ABC.

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