The Generalitat Valenciana will invest almost one million euros in the Benidorm Fest

With just over two months to go to the Benidorm Fest, we are learning new details about the long-awaited event that will proclaim the representative of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. This Monday it was known that the Generalitat Valenciana will invest 968,000 euros in the agreement with RTVE for the development of the show.

The person in charge of announcing it has been the Minister of Finance, Vicent Soler, during his intervention in the Commission of Economy, Finance and Budgets to present the accounts of his department and that of the Presidency.

Soler has highlighted the commitment to tourism of the Generalitat, since it has also been known that 800,000 will be invested in the Goya 2022 gala, which will take place next Saturday, February 12 in Valencia. According to Europa Press, both agreements are included in the Department of the Presidency under the appendix of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana.

Benidorm will host the Spanish preselection for Eurovision at the end of January, on specific dates yet to be determined. The event will have two semifinals that can be seen live on RTVE and in which a total of twelve semifinalists will participate, but only the three most voted in each gala will get a ticket for the final.

The process for receiving proposals ends this Wednesday, November 10. It was originally going to be closed at the end of October, but the public broadcaster decided to extend the deadline so that artists interested in participating would have “more scope to send proposals with the highest possible quality.”

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Three external advisors

J Cruz, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson and Zahara, producers and composers, are RTVE’s external advisers for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. They will work together with the working group of the Corporation so that the Benidorm Fest is a great musical, audiovisual and television show where different styles of music are mixed, a meeting point for established and new artists, and a means to export to the world the music and talent from Spain.

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