The Generalitat promotes a Catalan audiovisual law in full swing with Moncloa

  • The project wants to set Catalan and Aranese quotas for streaming platforms

The draft of the audiovisual law of the central government, revealed by EL PERIÓDICO, which initially did not contemplate mandatory quotas for content in Catalan for private platforms and whose approval was postponed by Moncloa after the unrest caused in the Generalitat, has unleashed a race between ERC and Junts in which each partner of the Government seeks to prosper their own initiative in this regard.

The Catalan executive This Tuesday began the procedures for the approval of a Catalan law on the audiovisual sector. A rule that will establish criteria for the use of Catalan and Aranese in the Catalan audiovisual field and that comes in the middle of the political conflict between the Generalitat and the Moncloa. According to the Government spokesperson, Patricia Plaja, the project will establish “minimum percentages of use of Catalan and Aranese in the media”, in such a way that the presence of these languages ​​is “guaranteed”.

Junts maintains its proposal

The spokeswoman has avoided assessing whether this initiative of the Government, promoted by a ‘conselleria’ of ERC (Presidency), leaves the step taken by Together for Catalonia, which last week alone registered in the Parliament an audiovisual bill that states that platforms such as Netflix, HBO O of the movie They must have a minimum content in Catalan, although the percentage is not specified.

According to Plaja, “the most appropriate formula” is the initiative undertaken by the Government, regardless of whether the parliamentary groups “also work” on the Catalan defense. However, after announcing the Executiu regulations, JxCat has made public its intention to “maintain” its proposed law. “We are pleased that the Government accepts the proposal of the Junts that it was necessary to legislate on audiovisual matters in Catalonia and not just negotiate a Catalan quota in Madrid“the post-convergents have stated in a statement.

Negotiations in progress

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“It is being negotiated [con el Gobierno, en relación al proyecto estatal] so that Catalan is not a mistreated language, hopefully when the final draft is released [de la norma estatal] do not invade powers “of the Generalitat, the spokeswoman explained.

In this sense, after the draft of the state law was known, Aragonès maintained contacts “at the highest level” to try to prevent the central Executive from passing the law without the shield of Catalan, even warning that this could seriously endanger the essential ERC support to the State Budgets of 2022.

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