The Generalitat must accept the state discount in Rodalies before August

The Government announced this Saturday a 50% discount on all state transport passes from September 1 to December 31 of this year. The Council of Ministers approved this reduction for transport managed by the State, that is, those provided by the public company Renfe. In case of Rodalies it is the only one provided by Renfe, but which is “autonomous competence” of the Generalitat. Therefore, the Government must expressly accept the application of this discount before July 31.

“In relation to the services that Renfe provides in Catalonia and that are of autonomous competence, The Government of Catalonia must expressly accept the application of this discount before July 31, 2022so that it can be effective”, establishes the royal decree that the Council of Ministers approved this Saturday and that has been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

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With the approval of the Generalitat, the discount could already be applied. Specifically, they have approved a 50% reduction in subscriptions transportation provided by the State for all multi-trip tickets. That is, those titles that allow more than two trips. In this sense, they specify that round-trip tickets are excluded. Sánchez explained that, for example, the monthly bonus of Closeness in Madrid, which costs 28.9 euros, will cost 14.45 euros. In the case of Catalonia, the monthly ticket would go from 25.55 euros to 12.77 euros. And in Sevillefrom 34.70 to 17.35 euros.

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On the other hand, the government approved a reduction of 30% of all those titles that are managed by the communities and the municipalities that will be borne by state resources. Even so, the autonomies and local entities will be able to complete the reduction up to 50% in the transport passes that depend on them. This is how it will be in the case of Catalonia, which will assume its part of the reduction in subscriptions despite the fact that the vice-president of the Generalitat, Jordi Puigneró, has branded the measure “populist”.

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