A cash machine. (drawing) – RAPHAEL BLOCH / SIPA

The scam is back in recent days in the department. The gendarmerie of Sarthe calls on the population to be careful when withdrawing from the cash dispenser after several cases of fraud “at the Marseille collar” have been reported.

To steal bank card and code, the thief first installs a small device on an ATM so as to block his victim’s credit card, then comes kindly to offer his help. “It is in fact a first maneuver in order to create a bond of trust (…), describes the group of gendarmerie of Sarthe on on the Facebook page. Then, the author will explain (…) that the device is malfunctioning and cause the victim to retype his code. Once the numbers have been memorized, the thief only has to recover the card and disappear.

The gendarmerie recommends that you never re-enter your code if your card is swallowed. It is better to notify an agency staff if possible, or dial the phone number displayed on the distributor.


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