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The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have agreed to develop new hypersonic missiles to create an Asia-Pacific version of NATO. The response was immediate from China…

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia revealed the ineffectiveness of the United Nations Organization (UN) to prevent barbarism. He also warns of the absurd level that wars have reached. Russia applied the principle of “unrestricted warfare” defined by the Chinese military high command. It is that “the first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules.”

In warfare now there is a combination of electronic, diplomatic, computer, economic and propaganda tools. According to former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, “in war things can get out of control and drift.”

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have agreed to develop new hypersonic missiles to create a version of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for Asia and the Pacific. The response was immediate from China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said: “Under the excuse of the Ukraine crisis or maintaining security in the Asia-Pacific region, these countries have now come together to cooperate in the development of hypersonic weapons. This will only increase the risk of nuclear proliferation and intensify the arms race.”

Separately, Vladimir Putin urged his country’s arms manufacturers to develop even more advanced hypersonic missiles to maintain his nation’s advantage in warfare technology. For its part, the Russian military has claimed that its Avangard missiles are capable of flying 27 times faster than the speed of sound and maneuvering their way to a target to avoid the enemy’s anti-missile shield.

Europe’s dependence on Russian energy has allowed the Kremlin to finance its military development. Suspension means canceling lunch paid for oil and gas. This is what Germany is doing now by diversifying its energy sources and extending the life of its three nuclear power plants.

Today’s wars are called hybrid wars because they result from the combination of conventional and unconventional forces, combatants and civilians, physical destruction.

The Russian invasion and the arms race are telling us about a suicidal tendency of governments. How can world leaders claim that Putin has committed war crimes and add that he should remain in power?

Russia has also been underestimated due to the fact that it only represents 3% of the world economy. But it has shown that it took advantage of its energetic superiority to threaten the world. And now with his recent show of force with the RS-28 Sarmat missile, with which he warned the West about his nuclear force. Russia is a dissatisfied power.

Where is the world agreement in favor of dialogue and whose priority objective is peace? The new world order is made up of poles of power: the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, regional powers such as Iran and Turkey, Japan and the United Kingdom acting increasingly independent of an increasingly weakened United States.

The outlook is not encouraging. Especially since the best war is the one that is avoided.

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Sergio Mota Marin


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Writer and graduate in economics, graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. From 1984 to 1990 he was Mexico’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, where he was awarded the Dannebrog order.

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