The future of Primavera Sound in Barcelona is still in the air

Primavera Sound announced on three consecutive days, on December 7, 8 and 9, that in 2022 it will open editions in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. That will be added to the one in Los Angeles, a premiere already announced, and the semi-classical one in Porto. In the promotional image of the five cross-border exhibitions of the Barcelona festival, the slogan ‘Created in Barcelona’ is highlighted (Created in Barcelona). The sample of its place of origin seemed proud, which is not a bad international brand, no matter how much it has rained for a while or from some sectors it can be seen that it is raining pointy sticks.

But on Thursday the bomb exploded, that is, Gabi Ruiz, one of the festival directors, threatened in statements to ‘La Vanguardia’ with taking the festival to another city, hinting at Madrid, due to disagreements with the Barcelona City Council.

Out of discussion

Ada Colau, the mayor of the city, not only followed the conciliatory wake of the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Jordi Martí, on Thursday, but went further: “It is out of the question that the festival stays in Barcelona,” he proclaimed.

Colau directly alluded to one of the points that separate the organization from the consistory: the possibility of Primavera Sound consolidating the expanded festival model, that is, comprising two weekends, something planned for 2022 in order to recover losses generated by the stoppage caused by the pandemic. “I want to remember that I myself went out to announce the expanded edition of 2022,” he stressed to emphasize that he gives importance to the matter.

The mayor made it clear that her government is in favor of maintaining that model for at least one more year: “We are working so that the expanded edition will take place in 2022 and also in 2023.”

Nevertheless, The intention of Primavera Sound is that the double weekend format, Coachella-style and with a mighty bridge of city hall concerts between the two, be definitive. The difference is that Coachella is celebrated in a Californian desert and Primavera Sound, in an important and highly populated area of ​​Barcelona.

Colau added that in case there was any doubt that could become a misunderstanding, that same Friday there would be a meeting between the festival organization and Martí.

“I have never had doubts about the complicity between Barcelona and Primavera Sound and if there was any, it will be resolved in this meeting,” said Colau.

Without certainties

Well not quite. In the meeting between Martí and Daniel Granados, delegate of Cultural Rights of the city council, with the dome of Primavera Sound there has been no resolution on the key requirement, the perpetuation of the double weekend model. “At the moment there is a good understanding and a short-term meeting schedule to talk about,” municipal sources point out in this regard.

The same sources indicate that the meeting “has made it possible to redirect the misunderstanding and agree on the roadmap to continue moving forward. The two parties are working so that there is a great Primavera Sound in 2022 and 2023.” Beyond, uncertainty.

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Primavera Sound refused to make statements to EL PERIÓDICO about the meeting.

I mean, what while the ‘king size’ edition of Primavera Sound seems to also be on track for 2023 (2022 is already closed and sold out), the very near future beyond that year is still up in the air.

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