The pandemic provoked by the Covid-19, wine to kill the world. Millions of contagious people, many of them with grave evacuees who are being hospitalized for death. In addition to the public health problem, there has been an intense debate over vacancies. For a lad, the celebrities celebrate the true logarithm with them in record time; on the other hand, the people who are resistant to receiving the biology for various reasons, these people are very familiar with the “anti vacancies”, express the following arguments: “I do not trust the security of the vacancies because they are experimental”; “Because I observe the reactions that are associated with being evacuated”; “I want to contact all forms who are evacuating me”; “The vacancies are merely a negotiation of the great pharmaceutical companies”. Although this series of arguments exists, there is only one of all the previous ones, an argument that provokes an interesting discussion about individual freedom and its limits.

There is a group of people with a more sophisticated argument, with an argument that reckons the reliefs of liberties, rights and limits that exist to impress the vacancy of individuals. They support the need to respect their liberty, and this liberty appeals to the anti-vacancies, it is the liberty to decide on their body and in their reason, each who decides what to put in his body, without embarrassment, his affirmation. limits, and for this it is very useful to record the great book of John Stuart Mill entitled “On the Freedom” written in 1859, in which it is possible that the individual can act on anything that does not affect the days, is the llama social libertad, intended as the intervention of the State in the assents that involve exclusively the individual, and the only legitimate reason given by the society and the state can impress limits to a person, when this person adjudicates the right of the demás. Nadie can decide to have the freedom to pass a semaphor in red, or to lead a state of marriage. Cierro also records this famous phrase of Jean-Paul Sartre that I say I have free time to give away the demas.

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No vacancy is an individual decision, without embarrassment the state can impose restrictions on its mobility, the state can prohibit the use of competing places or any of the other activities and social benefits. The reason is uncommon, the one who decides not to be vaccinated alone affects his health, as well as is affected by the demas, otherwise he is affected by the rehab. While it is said that more people are evacuees, it is more likely that we will continue their propaganda, as we have demonstrated the length of human history with other evacuees as eradicant evacuees.

Today we are in the middle of the quarter in which we have lifted the record of daily contacts in our country and in our state, without embarrassment and, unfortunately, the hospitalizations and failures are under control, or we are not in at the moment in the same proportion as the previous ones.

It is for the experts that it is very obvious, the vacancies have considerably decreased the risk of serious cases and deaths. Hoy the statisticians are clear, the vast majority of the hospitalized and failing persons do not contaban with a complete evacuation and many of them have not been able to take a single dose.

In conclusion, the reality is very clear, the vacancies salvan vidas and not only the vacancies, we also protect the people that the rodean. Vacancing is the responsibility of all and sundry, vacating is a social responsibility.

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