The freedom of contempt, by Álex Sàlmon

The limits of freedom of expression they are difficult to place in a place where the whole of society coincides. Its borders are subjective and there is no way to agree. It is what it is.

The now renowned gag of the TV3 program ‘Bricoheroes’ where the comedian Lluís Jutglar, known as Peyu, explains to the comedian Jair Domínguez that if he were rich he would like Queen Letizia to give him a fellatio, not to use a more decadent term , once again remove that limit.

The debate focuses on if the ‘sketch’ exceeds the dividing line of freedom of expression, either because it is macho, because it insults the monarchy or because the production is paid for by a public television, although without being broadcast.

However, we forget an important aspect and that is the contempt crude that is inferred from such a comment. Contempt, of course, towards the parodied character. Let’s do the test changed to Queen Letizia by Puigdemont’s wife, Marcela Topor, for example. Also a public figure. Woman and Romanian, as a detail that could further drive this controversy.

Just thinking about it, just writing this role reversal, it produces disgust. And my apologies to both of you. And it is not about freedom of expression. The question is whether contempt for someone should not have limits in the media either. Neither private nor public.

The mood can be black, pink, yellow, or brown. The problem is when the other is despised. This is a type of freedom where it is easier to parameterize. Is it logical to vilify so much as to place Letizia and her daughter, the Princess of Asturias, yes, in such a decadent situation?

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It is not just a problem of the issuer. Also of the receiver, if he assumes these baseness simply as a game with freedom of expression.

But it is that the times play against. The insult and outrage they are part of public reality. All this accompanied by a lack of critical intelligence. There are many lucid forms of teasing. Like when Quevedo called Isabel de Borbón lame, without her noticing. “Between the white carnation and the red rose, your majesty choose & rdquor ;. Well that.

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