The former councilors of Más Madrid offer themselves to Almeida to “get him out of the clutches of Vox”

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Madrid’s municipal politics are experiencing convulsive moments. And all for the splitting of four wayward councilors from Más Madrid to form a mixed group in the City Council. Thanks to them, the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, was able to approve its recent mobility ordinance that replaces Madrid Central de Manuela Carmena, something that has angered Vox, until now a priority partner of the consistorial coalition between Popular Party and Citizens, just on the eve of the approval of the Budgets.

The former councilors of Más Madrid now take advantage of the disagreements between PP and the party to their right to “reach out” to the mayor of Madrid and thus “get him out of Vox’s clutches“In addition, they show their” predisposition “to reach agreements in the next accounts, arguing that” the City Council has hardly any powers in fiscal matters “, which would facilitate an economic pact” in specific measures “.

So he holds it Jose Manuel Calvo, mayor of the newly formed Recover Madrid and former councilor for Urban Planning in the Carmena government, in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL: “We have managed to make Vox irrelevant in the vote for the new mobility ordinance. Isn’t that just what the left that talks so much about ‘health cords wanted ‘And now he calls us traitors? “

José Manuel Calvo, now a councilor for Recupera Madrid, along with Rita Maestre.

José Manuel Calvo, now a councilor for Recupera Madrid, along with Rita Maestre.


Calvo’s offer, however, does not seem to change the Madrid mayor’s plans. His environment is blunt when this medium asks him about it: “Our priority partner is still Vox“.

And it is that in addition to the fact that “understanding with the former councilors of Más Madrid is impossible” in fiscal matters, denying Calvo, these same sources say that there is “a lot of satisfaction” with the accounts approved last year with the hard-right formation , whom they will continue to look for in the future.


The only complication for understanding between the right-wing formations may be the hostile campaign that the formation led by Ortega Smith in the Madrid consistory has undertaken against Carmeida [un juego de palabras con el alcalde y la exregidora de Más Madrid, Manuela Carmena] after the approval of the new mobility ordinance.

Vox sources in the Madrid municipality assert that from now on they will make things “more difficult” in the negotiations for a mayor who “has no word“after having failed to fulfill his promise to end Madrid Central that he made in the campaign prior to the 2019 municipal elections.

From Almeida’s team, however, they take the issue away and assure that Vox continues to be “the priority partner”, since they understand that anger is part of the “electoral game“, as Ortega Smith himself hinted this past Monday in the plenary session of the City Council:”We will see you in the next elections“.

But before the next elections they will have to meet to negotiate the new accounts that the City Council has to approve before the end of the year. PP, Ciudadanos and Vox would not have excessive difficulties to then reach an agreement to “lower taxes on Madrid,” according to sources from the consistory.

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