Recently retired as chief federal prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada for the Quebec region, he confirmed to Radio-Canada that he will be a candidate in the riding of Acadie in the next election.

I look at what is currently happening in Quebec in the area of ​​justice and that worries me. I have fears. I think the system is not working as it should. I feel like coming to the fore to reform things that are not going well. »

A quote from Me André Albert Morin

Mr. Morin, who has pleaded before all Quebec courts, not only wants a greater number of citizens to have access to the legal system, but also give back to the latter the necessary independence.

I think Mr. Jolin-Barrette has difficulty understanding what the role of an Attorney General should be. What I’m seeing so far is a lot of clashes and it’s getting to me. […] All the tension, for example, that he created with the chief justice of the Court of Quebec. For me, this is not acceptable! The independence of the courts is a fundamental element of our society and of our law. To always want to interfere and encroach on that independence is not healthy for our democracy or for Quebec.he says, in an interview with our parliamentary office.

Me Morin refers to the many public disagreements between Judge Lucie Rondeau and Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. First, they crossed swords when creating a court specializing in sexual and domestic violence, which threatens the impartiality of the court, according to Judge Rondeau.

Ms. Rondeau also decreed that the judges of the Criminal Division will sit only one day out of two (rather than two days out of three) starting in September, in order to give them more time to render complex decisions in writing. Worried about the potential delays, the minister asked him to reconsider his decision.

The bilingualism of judges

The rag is also burning between the two about the bilingualism of the judges. Believing that all lawyers should have an equal chance of accessing the judiciary, the minister tried to change the selection process for judges to avoid that proficiency in English is required. The Superior Court found his intervention illegal.

Me André Albert Morin defends himself from lacking independence by seeming to side with Judge Rondeau. The selection process in Quebec has been working for years. It’s not new and it works great! This attitude of the Minister is difficult to understand and it is even shocking! I’m not telling Ms. Rondeau what she should do, quite the contrary! We have to let the judiciary do its job.

Mr. Morin also describes himself as an ardent defender of the French language, in particular through his commitment to the Days of La Francophonie.

Greater justice for all

Involved with the Bonneau reception center and recipient of a prize granted by his peers for his humanitarian commitment to the poor and the sick, Me Morin wants to increase the thresholds for legal aid and allow citizens to access more information, in full transparency.

There is another aspect that comes to me, it is the whole question of justice in the Far North of Quebec […] We have to interact with aboriginal and Inuit communities. I think there is a way to rethink justice to listen to these people, integrate them and take their concerns into account. We have to be able to provide justice for the entire population of Quebec. I don’t see anything on the government side going in that direction! he adds.

Me Morin is also concerned about the labor shortage in the courthouses.

There are not only delays, but also a lack of prosecutors. They are exhausted! We also need defense lawyers and legal aid lawyers. You have to make sure that you are able to dispense local justice. »

A quote from Me Morin

Confident, despite the polls

Even if the current polls show a majority of support for the Coalition avenir Québec, Me Morin does not fear the defeat of his new party.

He says he chose the Liberal Party of Quebec because the formation respect people and advocates values ​​of integrity and social justicelike his. Polls don’t bother me more than they should! he concludes.

Me André Albert Morin will attempt to succeed former Liberal minister Christine St-Pierre, who recently announced that she will not be seeking a new mandate.

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