El Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) made its decimals in accordance with the estimate made in October of the crime forecast for Spain this year, up 5.8%; and raised by no more than 1.2 points the forecast for 2023, up to 3.8%, the majority of the revisions to all inclusive in the latest update of forecasts of the financial body published this March. Depending on their estimates, the Spanish economy will continue to grow lead in dynamism between the advanced countries. In any case, these prognostics are very much in line with those including the State General Prosecutors, with an increase of 7% in 2022, although it is closer to 2023 that the Spanish Executive is at 3.5%.

The rebate in Spain’s expectations is this year affected in 2021, with a gross domestic product (GDP) that will close its shareholding with an increase of 4.9%, 8 decimals less than estimated in October, very low by 6, 5% forecast by el Gobierno. Hecho, during the last year of accumulation, there will be accumulation forecasts for the number of organisms, including the Bank of Spain, the Independent Tax Liability Authority (Airef) or the European Commission. In any case, the forecast for forecasts for this year in Spain is not the largest, as the example for Germany, with a decimal rate, is 3.8%; o EEUU, with a record of 1.2 points, has the 4%, between the most advanced countries. If there is a change, in exchange, in the revision to alza in 1.2 points for 2023, the mayor of all published by the FMI.

For the euro zone, the revision to the bay is four decimals, up to 3.9% this year and five decimals in the year 2023, up to 2.5%, up to 5.2% of the past year, two decimations more than calculated in October. Burden advanced economies, over a period of 5% in 2021 (two decimals less than the forecast), advancing the 3.9% this year and 2.6% the other, six decimals less and the most, respectively, of the estimated in October passed.

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And it’s the escalator of the inflation surgida a raiz del aumento de los energy prices, which according to this organism, is prolonged during a few months this year, together with the disruptions in the summit directors, the global crime rate is 4.4% this year, and 5.9% higher than the IMF calculated in October. It will be 3.8% higher at the global level this year.

The second positive of the second year

The revision of the two global level decimals in 2022 will receive a automatic rebate of the activity after which the money is spent on the crime during the second half of the ownership, according to the Fund’s estimates. Of all forms, the veterinarians are subject to a pandemic decay in the majority of pains in the final year to mean that the level of World level evacuation and therapies mejoren. Of all forms, according to the organism, the risks associated with the evolution of the persistent pandemic and which can provoke new restrictions in case of an increase in infections, alert the authors of the prognosis. In addition, there are preventable presses on salary increases in numerous countries divided by the escalation of inflation.

EEUU, the first world power, will be the most affected by the revision of the crime this year, with a record of 1.2 points, up to 4% and a majority of four decimals in 2023, up to 2, 6%. Ate this scenario, the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the country, has announced subsidies of the types of interest this year, which could start from March.

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According to the FMI, 2022 commenza, in global terms, in a “more debilitating” position of the initially desperate. Además of the expansion of the variant omicron of covid-19, which has revoked the restrictions on many lands, maintains the increase in energy prices and disruptions in the cadets’ meetings. All this has provoked an expansion of inflation, by the very least that is initially hoped for. In short, the forecast is that it is located in a media of 3.9% in advanced countries and 5.9% in emerging economies and in developing countries.

China, the other global economic colossus, will be affected by the tolerance drugs close to the coronavirus, which he affected in the real estate market. All this has provoked a record of eight decimals in crime forecasts with respect to October, up to 4.8%; and of two decimals in 2023, up 5.2%, following the FMI calculations.

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The IMF advised that in addition to the incetidumbres that generates the escalada of the general level of prices and problems in the chain of ministers, hay that add as risks the financial stability in emerging economies and those that exist in the wake of failure, in which the problems of debt generation will emerge largo delos dos ultimos años.

The alert organism that access to vacancies, tests and treatment “is essential” to reduce the risk of new variants of covid-19, one of the major mayors for the global economy. This requires, among other things, “a more just international distribution”.


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