The first words of Amber Heard after losing the trial with Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp won the defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on Wednesday, although the popular jury also held him responsible for defaming the actress on one occasion. The jury, made up of five men and two women, unanimously determined that three sentences written by Heard in a 2018 opinion column in The Washington Post newspaper were false, defamatory and were written with malicious intent, even though they were not they explicitly mentioned Depp. Heard, who kept her composure in court while the verdict was read, then published a statement in which he assumed defeat and she said she was “disappointed” and “heartbroken” for its result.

The actress did not take long to speak draws near the final verdict of the trial: “The disappointment I feel today is indescribable” starts at your statement that has spread through social networks. He goes on like this, with a disappointed tone, lamenting that the “evidence” presented has not been enough to “deal with the influence that” Depp has.

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So, once again, it has taken over of the discourse on discrimination between the sexes: “It’s a throwback to when women were publicly shamed for coming forward.” And there was no lack of comment regarding the non-presence of the actor in the verdict: “he has won in the United Kingdom”.

I’m sad that we lost this case. But I’m sadder that I lost the right I had as an American to speak freely,” he concluded in his statement.

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