The first stage of the 2021 Taxi Substitution program concludes in CDMX

The Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) of Mexico City announced that the first stage of scrapping of the Taxi 2021 Substitution program has already concluded.

In total, 164 capital taxis were destroyed, which will make way for electric or hybrid cars.

“Through the Trust for the Promotion Fund for the Financing of Public Transportation, support of 75,000 or 100,000 pesos was provided to concessionaires who met all the requirements,” said the capital agency this weekend.

At the same time, an additional support of 20,000 pesos was provided if the operators opted for the swivel chair mechanism in the passenger seat, this to facilitate boarding for people with disabilities.

Semovi recalled that the Taxi Substitution program consists of granting an economic bonus for units whose life cycle already exceeds 10 years and with this, they can select new cars, either hybrid or electric.

“The change will bring benefits to users, the new models approved by this agency have the highest criteria in terms of road safety and accessibility. In addition, they will also help to preserve the environment due to the number of carbon and nitrogen oxides they emit, compared to other cars available on the market ”, he remarked.

In total, it is estimated that in 2021 this program will support the replacement of more than 240 vehicles; in 2020, 116 financial support was delivered.

Previous actions

Recently, Semovi announced the second Taxi Fair 2021, which took place from October 25 to 29.

In this edition, information was provided to the concessionaires about the motor vehicles of different companies that meet the technical and electrical criteria or that can enter the 2021 Taxi Substitution program.

This event is also due to what was published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City on June 21, 2021, where the operating guidelines to access the financing and replacement program were announced.

Among the requirements, the presentation of a document that proves the ownership of the concession stands out.

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