The fingers required talent to spin fine

In 1981, before deciding that Alfredo del Mazo González would be the PRI candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico, I was careful to foresee a clash of interests between Don Fidel Velázquez and the other saints of the Mexican PRI.

He entrusted Gustavo Carvajal with the task of “agreeing”. He presented each of the Mexican PRI saints with the list of five possible candidates. Astute, they vetoed at least three, except their favorite and one who hid his preference.

When the PRI made the candidacy official, the saints claimed Carvajal. He showed them the lists and proved that none of them vetoed Del Mazo González. All recognized the fine-tuning political cleanliness with which Carvajal made them “consensus.”

Banamex: how realistic will Palacio be?

Although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as predicted by Luis Miguel González, editorial director of El Economista, says he prefers that a Mexican group buy Banamex, perhaps they do not measure that it is something more than a banking institution.

Banamex is the owner of one of the largest and most valuable cultural heritage in Mexico, in addition to priceless priceless historical buildings, as well as being the oldest banking institution in Mexico.

A valid question, because despite the official interest, it seems to take a liberal attitude regarding how and how much the treasury will collect taxes from potential buyers, taxes that, said the head of Bucareli, will be collected down to the last penny.

Will the mandate revocation be chiquiconsulta?

We have reached the second and calculatingly hectic stage of the Constitutional Consultation for the Revocation of the Mandate, when the economic cabinet proposes that the INE tighten its belt until the councilors are bruised.

In this chess game between the Presidency of the Republic and the National Electoral Institute, the weak are the advisers, despite their legal and constitutional reasons, the force is on the side of the Government and its party.

The analogy of the Roman siege to the fortress of Masada, the last redoubt of Jewish nationalism, was used in this space. Roman war superiority won. If the INE is Masada, it is worth that the left calculate how much they would lose, because nothing is forever.


The statements of the president of the board of directors of the deputies, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna from Moreno, are not surprising, since it is his style and for now he has no incentive to stop his aggressiveness… Whatever it was, in reality it does not matter if the head of the SEP Delfina Gómez is legally responsible for the “discounts” to municipal employees of Texcoco. It is important to know how damaged her image is for her aspirations to be governor of the State of Mexico… They assure that now, next week, Pemex will take possession of the Deer Park refinery in Texas… Much is said about Comar’s inefficiencies, but nobody talks about the elephant in the room: that the SHCP does not give more money to meet a demand to process migrant petitions that is ten times higher than last year… From the current wisdom of 20 centuries ago, Salustio says: “By harmony small states become great, while discord destroys the greatest empires”…

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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