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The cinemas they have had a terrible year. The covid It caused them to have to lower the blinds for months, and when they opened them again the insecurity, the new waves, the reduced capacity and the lack of premieres took their toll. Only a few titles have managed to work since then. It seems that this September has been the month where everything has changed. The big bets of the distributors have begun to arrive, the capacities have been expanded, and the cinemas have decided that it was time to give a push to people who have become used to watching movies on platforms from the sofa at home.

Therefore, from this Monday the 27th until next Thursday the 30th, spectators will be able to go to 331 cinemas throughout Spain at a special price of 3.50 euros each entry. An activity that until before the pandemic was celebrated under the name of ‘The cinema party’, and that is now included under the motto of ‘I go to the cinema’, although the spirit is the same: take people to the rooms to regain their lost habit. To participate, viewers will not have to make any prior registration, being able to buy tickets directly online or at the box office of the cinemas that have joined this initiative. Therefore, here we leave you five essential titles to see these four days of cheap tickets.


Blanca Portillo as Maixabel.

The movie of Icíar Bollaín has just successfully hit theaters. In its first weekend it has been placed in second place of the most viewed, and now is a good time to enjoy one of the Spanish films that will be talked about the most in the coming months and in the awards season. Bollaín thrills again with his best film since I give you my eyes, an austere and exciting film that tells the story of Maixabel Lasa, the widow of Juan Mari Jáuregui, a politician assassinated by ETA, who decided to meet two of her husband’s murderers.

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Blanca Portillo gives life to Maixabel and Luis Tosar he is immense like Ibon Etxezarreta, but also attentive to the secondary ones, with a wonderful surprise called Urko Olazabal, spectacular as Luis María Carrasco. An important film that everyone liked in its presentation at the recently completed San Sebastián Film Festival.



The adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert It is one of those that many say damn. David Lynch crashed with his adaptation, and Jodorowski was never able to roll his. Is now Denis Villeneuve who will try to make his look of the classic conquer the fans and the unknown of the original work. An epic work, which offers an experience that must be enjoyed on the big screen and which faces its great challenge in cinemas, since its premiere was delayed a whole year due to the closure of theaters due to the covid.

This film makes it clear that it is only the first part of the adaptation, so it will depend on the success at the box office that Warner gives the green light to Villeneuve to continue telling the universe of Herbert and conclude this diptych that has begun in a masterful way.


Still from the film 'Lazos', by Daniele Luchetti.

Still from the film ‘Lazos’, by Daniele Luchetti.

Director Daniele Luchetti we fell in love with everything in My brother is an only child and now adapt Ties, the novel of Domenico Starnone, to get a great drama about relationships, the pain of enduring when everything is finished and how many times the mistakes of the parents are transferred to the children. A film that opened the 2020 Venice Film Festival, and which has a luxurious cast, with the best performers of Italian cinema: Alba Rohrwacher, Luigi Lo Cascio, Silvio Orlando, Laura Morante and Giovanna Mezzogiorno.

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Lazos tells the story of Aldo and Vanda, a couple in Naples in the 80s who are about to separate after he confesses that he is having an affair. Her two young children struggle with their parents in a whirlwind of resentment. Some decisions that will mark everyone forever.

‘Cry Macho’


Clint Eastwood it is eternal. At 91 years old, not only does he continue directing, but he even gets in front of the camera to star in his new film, Cry Macho, the story of a former rodeo star and retired horse breeder who, in 1978 Texas, accepts a commission from a former boss: to bring his young son home from Mexico to take him away from his alcoholic mother. On the journey, the two will embark on an unexpected adventure. Many have called the film a minor Eastwood, but despite everything, you always have to see what the latest Hollywood classic surprises us with.

‘D’Artacán and the three Muskedogs’

Julieta and D'Artacan in the new version.

Julieta and D’Artacan in the new version.

These days are also an opportunity to go with the whole family to the movies, so we can choose one of the several animated films that are on the billboard. Among them, this Spanish production stands out, which takes advantage of the pull of nostalgia and recovers one of the most mythical series of the childhood of many Spanish women, D’Artacán and the three Muskedogs, that adapted the work of Alexander dumas with dogs as protagonists, and that now updates its animation style but maintains the signs that made it a public success.

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