The films besides not to be missed, after “Annette” and before “Aline”

Film distributors and movie theater owners should claim the title of juggler.

Since the start of the pandemic, they have not ceased to deal with the unforeseen, health instructions, postponed outings and a mixture of apathy and fear of a fringe of the public not yet ready to leave the comfort of their living room. .

Variant Delta or not, the cultural autumn will indeed be cinema, so many opportunities to broaden our horizons, failing to see all land borders finally open.

Even if France appears to be the essential destination, and monopolizes the large part of the minimal portion granted to foreign cinematographies, a change of scenery is still possible. Annette, from Leos Carax, was a first class one, unofficially launching the cinema re-entry, and setting the bar high.

But this superb Cannes nugget does not come alone, soon followed by the Palme d’Or, Titanium (1is October), the new punch of Julia Ducournau (Grave). The one who made the Croisette shudder returns more determined than ever, pushing the physical capacities of a newcomer, Agathe Rousselle, and an old driver, Vincent Lindon to their limits.

Another demanding filmmaker returns this fall, also a well-known actress who has filmed with the greats, from Resnais to Lelouch. After moving Stone sickness, Nicole Garcia continues his exploration of sentimental torments in Lovers (October 8), a love triangle between Benoît Magimel and the rising star of French cinema, Pierre Niney.

In an equally serious register, while it can be of a delightful lightness, Julie delpy, skilful in front of and behind the camera, finds the German actor Daniel Brühl in My Zoe (October 22), the struggle of a mother doing everything to bring her adored little girl back to life.

Birth and death are also what marks the daily life of hospital staff, and if it has been tragic since the start of the pandemic, laughter is never forbidden.

They will also be abundant in That’s life (December 24), a comedy by Julien Rambaldi with the unique Josiane Balasko flanked by Nicolas Maury whose agent has been very busy since the success of the series Ten percent (Call my agent), parachuted here in a maternity hospital where five future mothers will cross paths, for better or for worse.

Postponements, and long-awaited returns

Even if the postponements created less frustration than those surrounding No Time to Die, the latest James Bond, fans of the universe of Agatha Christie are still waiting Death on the Nile, the new blockbuster from Laurence Olivier’s spiritual heir, Kenneth Branagh. But, due to a rushed schedule, it will also be present this fall with Belfast (November 12), a look at the tumultuous 1960s in Northern Ireland starring Judi Dench and Jamie Dornan.

The whole with eminently autobiographical accents, Branagh being a child of the country, born in 1960 in this city marked with a hot iron.

The reasons for celebration are not yet numerous in the current climate, but the return of great filmmakers after a long absence is one.

There is first that of Jane Campion, whose last foray into cinema dates back to 2009 (Bright Star), with The Power of the Dog (November 17) and a fabulous cast dominated by Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch.

We will find his favorite themes, including obsessive love, and his characters blinded by their desires.

Even if we have known for a long time the limits of the film with skits, knowing that we will be able to see one with names as prestigious, sometimes silenced, like Jafar Panahi,Laura Poitras and Apichatpong Wee-rasethakul is to be placed in the list of essentials.

The Year of Everlasting Storm (September 18) brings together the experiences and perspectives of seven filmmakers on the tremors that have rocked the world in the time of COVID-19.

A mosaic of intimate and realistic stories, spread all over the planet, smaller than ever since the start of the pandemic.

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