The FGC train service between Sant Boi and Molí Nou will be restored this Thursday

Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) will restore the train service first thing this Thursday between the Sant Boi and Molí Nou stations on the Llobregat-Anoia line, a section cut off since two trains collided on Monday afternoon, one freight and one passenger.

The company has announced it in a statement detailing that the tasks of removing the trains and repairing the infrastructure have been lengthened more than they had anticipated complexity of the operation. In order to reprimand rail traffic, it is necessary to cut off the electricity supply for approximately one hour to make the catenary connections, and this step will be done this morning, when there are no trains running, the company has stated.

FGC affirms thatThe power cut could be done this Wednesday afternoon, but that this would imply expanding the current device for transporting passengers by road. Therefore, during this cut in service between Sant Boi and Molí Nou, there is a bus service, but if there was a power cut would mean having to increase this service and routed by road, in order to cover the section between Cornellà Riera and Colònia Güell, explains the company. “For minimize the impact on passengersit has been decided to make the cut during the night, outside business hours”, clarifies FGC.

Appearance of Puignero

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Thus, this Wednesday at noon, the ‘conseller’ of Territori, Jordi Puigneró, already advanced that it was planned to restore the train service to the entire line between Thursday and Friday.

Puigneró has promised to explain with “transparency” the reasons for the accident in which the only fatality died of the accident, a train driver. The ‘conseller’ has stressed that these explanations will be given when the expert reports are ready, “without speculating.”

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