The Ferland residence is exposed to large fines

The owners of the Ferland residence took the tenants by surprise, who theoretically have 45 days to find a new roof if they are not independent and need services. This is the case for about half of the 25 tenants.

The seniors’ residence must be converted into a rental building. This change of direction is too abrupt, according to the mayor of Danville as well as the mayors of Val-des-Sources and Saint-Camille.

It’s astonishment, and a very big feeling of unease, because the deadlines are really much too shortemphasizes Martine Satre.

The elderly, it is as if they have become a commodity and we pass it on. It does not make sense. »

A quote from Martine Satre, Mayor of Danville

I can understand that the owners of RPA are a bit back to the wall, insofar as there is a shortage of personnel and that there are more and more demanding standards, but that does not prevent having a civilized way of behaving. For my part and for having spoken about it at the table of mayors at the MRC des Sources […] the feeling of unease came a lot from this lack of respect for the elderly, especially since they are particularly vulnerableadds the mayor.

It’s hard to accept, because it’s not a store that we’re closing, it’s a residence for the elderly. That we are not challenged upstream to be able to accompany, to see what we could have done as an environment, that worries me. I believe that we could have worked closely with the authorities of the CIUSSSunderlines the mayor of Val-des-Sources Hugues Grimard.

Why is there not a six-month deadline given to people who are still vulnerable, who are of a certain age and who will have to relocate? wonders Philippe Pagé, the mayor of Saint-Camille.

The Minister of Seniors and Caregivers Marguerite Blais also feels uneasy about this end of services. Radio-Canada spoke to her about the Ferland residence when she took part in the inauguration of the construction site of a seniors’ home in Coaticook.

Since we adopted the new version of the Act to counter the mistreatment of seniors and any other adult person in a situation of vulnerability, there are two elements in there. We have given legal leverage to the CISSSs, CIUSSSs and the Ministry of Health to be able to provide temporary guardianship when this type of situation arises. Secondly, if the person does not make his plan to cease his activities nine months before closing his doors with the CISSS and the CIUSSS, this person exposes himself to very severe sanctions.she points out.

These penalties can range from $7,500 to $187,000 for a business and from $2,500 to $62,500 for an owner.

The laws must be respected somewhere. When you become the owner of a residence for the elderly, you have to think about what you are doing. It’s not a trade. »

A quote from Marguerite Blais, Minister of Seniors and Caregivers

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS intends to examine possible remedies with the Ministry of Health.

Our first concern is to take care of the residents and to reassure the residents. The second commitment that I made with Ms. Blais is to be in contact with her team at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, to adequately analyze the situation and to make better decisions for the residents and for the population.says Stéphane Tremblay, the general manager of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS.

The owner of the Ferland residence was not available to answer questions from Radio-Canada on Thursday.

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