The Fear of the Church, by Joaquín Rábago

What is our Church afraid of? Are you afraid that almost a thousand cases of religious sexual abuse knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg, as many of us assume?

Are you afraid that there are actually tens of thousands of minors who have been abused by their guardians, who have cowardly and cunningly exploited their position of authority?

Why did the Spanish bishops refuse the creation, as has happened elsewhere, of independent commissions to investigate what happened?

Why does it seem that some parties even offer to set up a commission of inquiry in Congress at the same time, which is the representation of all citizens, as the left demands?

Our bishops did very well with the treatment of favors which the State has always granted themthanks in part to concordats with the Vatican who no longer have a reason to exist, which is an anti-democratic antiquity.

We have seen how, on the other hand, that same Church dedicated itself to deregister properties with the complicity of the law and in yet another demonstration that, in spite of the words of whom she faithfully worships, his kingdom is “of this world & rdquor ;.

The Church, let us say it clearly, is left with thousands of assets that were not theirs and that in many cases have nothing to do with religious practice, an action that not only condemns our laws, but also that Gospel which they preach so much. .

As if the Church has not had enough of everything it already has! Just walk through any of our cities to see its overwhelming ubiquity.

My house in Madrid, for example, is in a suburb near Complutense University and what many mockingly nicknamed ‘the Vatican’: the number of schools, residences and residences belonging to religious orders is so large.

Fortunately, we are in a democracy, though an imperfect one, we live in a state that declares itself non-denominational, but the Church, at least its hierarchies, continue to act as if we were still in the Middle Ages.

What is the Church afraid of? Why do you continue to insist, against all evidence, that the cases of pedophilia, the abuse of minors about which we could learn only thanks to journalistic work, are merely isolated incidents?

Let us still remind bishops and religious people of the Ten Commandments, those who teach themselves from the pulpit and in schools, and who say things like “you may not give false testimony or lie”, “you may not commit unclean deeds” and “you shall not steal”?

I think it’s all Too much tolerance, if not complicity, shown by our big parties with a Church to whose maintenance our citizens contribute, whether we like it or not, with our taxes.

When the president of the independent commission created in France presented his report, which spoke of 330,000 cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests and other religious people, Pope Francis publicly expressed his “shame & rdquor; and that of the Catholic Church as a whole.

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However, our bishops do not seem to take notice: in some cases even cynically blamed what happened to society, due to the sexual spread they claim to observe around them. As if it serves as justification!

Yes, what is the Church afraid of? Did you also forget what Jesus Christ of the Gospels also said, when he addressed those who believe in him, that “the truth will set you free”?

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