The farewell of the Hermitage divides into the societies of the governor of Colau

  • Janet Sanz congratulates Haber on describing the project and creating that he has no legal consequences for the consistency

  • Collboni affirma that the PSC does not recognize that the city is supporting the museum, that the promoters are claiming an indemnity

His questions about the societies of the governor of Ada Colau, Barcelona in Comú and the PSC, include a total disqualification. His aunts, who anteditate reeditate his governing pact agreement to convince with the disqualification, it is said that their differences of opinion have no motive for rupture in this term. One of their questions is the museum project Hermitage, that the ‘communes’ he always saw with recollection, when not with evil eyes, and that the socialists, in turn, defended.

The case is that the effects of the governor’s position in his case, that is the case, the report is officialized and the consistency of the project and with the time first as an alternative to the new seat of Liceu at the gate.

Barcelona in Comú mantiene su ‘ni sí ni no’ a los JJOO de invierno, que recibe elapoyo del plenario

In this context he has known these fires the decision of the impulses of the Hermitage to draw the toalla, informs El País, and centers on claiming compensation for the money invested and by the lucrative money, which is because the museum will not be enlarged until it is empty in Barcelona. A complaint that could cost 100 million euros.

Goodbye, franquicia

La teniente de alcalde de Urbanismo, Janet Sanz, has compared the media to show the government of the government before the announcement. Hecho, the councilor has commented on the support on the other hand, praising the Liceu project and recalling that there is much more to Barcelona. “The time has given us the reason. Valía the pen hopes in a project that will lead to consensus and determine the potential of what the Liceu & rdquor ;.

In contrast, minimized the Hermitage offer: “The time has given us the reason in which is not necessary to comply with the proposal of a franchise not entered into the Territory, which has no consensus and is not subject to the dates of the projects presented & rdquor ;.

“Judicially, we can be quiet. The things are very correct. In the government has different, we are the same party. But as the governor, he determined the steps to take. Luego each party can defend what he creates & rdquor ;, ha affirmado la teniente de alcalde. Allocations that came to the case due to the principle of plenum the first tenant of Alcalde and jefe filas of the PSC in the consistory, Jaume Collboni, has announced that his party did not renounce any projects, between which he detached the Hermitage.


The plenum has agreed to another debate on a question that the societies do not agree with: the support for the celebration of the Winter Olympics in 2030. The president of the Junts group, Elsa Artadi, presented a proposal announcing the support for the decision taken in consultation with the people of Alt Pirineu and Aran.

In fact, the debate suggests that the positions on the games he led the parties to maintain are three or more distinct positions. For a lad there are those who want to be celebrated and those who are not. And among the first, those who advertise that Barcelona and Catalonia support more cooperation with Aragon and it is clear that Spain is the one to play the games. El PP, Ciutadans y Valents (new denomination of Barcelona on Canvi) han incidido en este argumento. Collboni has summed up this thesis on abogar by working together with “the Germans of Aragon & rdquor ;.

Nieve artificial

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The Junts proposal has been approved by the ERC and Ciutadans; the report of PP, Valents and the Councilor did not write down – which he recalled that the Government had asked about the charge – and the abstention of the PSC – which had not been heard much- and Barcelona in Comú. Colau’s party will take part in this issue and will not comment on it until it is answered: As the coldest thing this week, Martí has ​​suggested that the climatic cambio should think that by 2030 there will be more calorie free. The council has recorded that 20% of the Catalan slopes are closed and many of them have opened graces thanks to the artificial snow.

Luego has debated another proposal regarding the JJOO, of Valentswhich instaba the local government to support the Olympic candidacy, which also prospered with the support of the PSC, PP and Ciutadans and the abstention of Junts, ERC and Barcelona in Comú. Votes and metrics that have more to do with the political slalom than with the giant.

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