The fall of the guru Zeus, from Olympus to the Assises de la Gironde

To reach Olympus, Zeus only had to climb the steps leading to his mezzanine. Under the roof of his house in Gujan-Mestras (Gironde), hidden in the pine forest, the room housed a red velvet throne with a matching footrest. The master of the place had arranged a decor to his measure: statuettes of Buddhas, crystal ball, bas-reliefs and antique-style jars, as well as a replica of the Excalibur sword, stored in an umbrella stand.

Late at night, draped in a red toga, scepter in hand, this frail little man was philosophizing. A jumble of ufology, misguided mythology and mystical delusions. “Sex can save humanity”, said his personal doctrine. To carry out such a mission, Zeus, born Claude Alonso in 1940, in La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde), was not alone in his kingdom.

At the foot of his throne knelt his disciples, exclusively female. These women, renamed after the names of Greek goddesses, responded to his every desire, his every urge. For about fifteen years, until the spring of 2015, this is how Olympus lived, in isolation, out of sight.

Two of these women, claiming to have been Mr. Alonso’s sex slaves, are ready to face the guru, from Monday, September 20, at the assizes in Bordeaux. The plaintiffs, nicknamed “Artemis” and “Kore Proserpine” when under control, will speak on their own behalf. On the dock is a sick old man, 80 years old. Claude Alonso will have to answer the accusations of “rape” and “abuse of weakness on a person in a state of psychological subjection”.

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Noura Bouras, who now lives under curatorship, still struggles with the demons of the repeated rapes she says she suffered between 2009 and 2012, when she was “Kore”, one of Zeus’ favorites. Vanessa Alonso, daughter of the guru, nicknamed “Artemis”, lived under the control of her father between 2000 and 2012, and testifies to incessant sexual abuse.

Lives on a razor’s edge

In front of the jurors, it will be necessary to revive the cloudy memory of the domain of the gods. This mezzanine where Zeus reigned as a lewd despot, holding his power from a celestial “high council”, the fruit of his imagination. It will also be necessary to tell the tormented story of this son of oyster farmers who became a healer – how this austere man, undermined by debts, professional and sentimental failures, became infatuated with esotericism until he invented the destiny of an all-powerful savior of souls in distress, so adept at taking control of his subjects.

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