The FAE calls for a bank of compensatory leave

The Autonomous Federation of Education intends to claim a bank of ten days of compensatory leave redeemable during the meeting with three ministers of the Legault government on Wednesday.

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The meeting scheduled for the afternoon will take place with ministers Sonia Lebel, Jean Boulet and Jean-François Roberge, according to the union, which recalls that Quebec announced last June the granting of a bank of compensatory leave for the staff of supervision of the school environment.

For the FAE, the granting of this leave bank would make it possible to recognize the contribution of teachers for their work in a context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of manpower.

The purported cash value of this leave bank is explained by the concern of teachers not to increase their workload or that of their colleagues in the event that they do not want to take this leave.

“The granting of a bank of redeemable compensatory leave would allow the government to walk the talk since it would thus recognize, in a concrete way, the efforts made by teachers,” said Sylvain Mallette in a press release. President of the FAE.

“We believe that the particularly difficult reality in which the government has voluntarily placed teachers amply justifies such recognition,” said Mr. Mallette.

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