The news traveled from the commissioner to the newsrooms, from the newsrooms to politicians and from politicians to Jorge Javier Vazquez. The horror story of a 20-year-old boy in Malasaña. One Sunday afternoon. Attacked in his own portal by eight hooded executioners, to the Ku Klux Klan, who showed him the razor, lowered his pants and tattooed the word fag thoroughly.

The news traveled quickly, via tweet. At an impossible speed for police investigations, for natural reasons, which have needed 72 hours to extract a confession and settle the matter. The victim was not a victim. There was no assault. There were no hooded men. There was a razor, yes. But for a matter of private taste.

These 72 hours, in turn, have given themselves at the media level. We take a tour of the newspaper library.

Monday. Day 1

The starting gun goes off with the headline The Police investigate a brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid committed by eight hooded men. The leader of Más Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, catch the news on the fly: “It is called homophobic terrorism. It is urgent to defend freedom against barbarism.”

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, launches a tweet with the character of a statement: “We will continue working for an open and diverse country, where no one is afraid of being who they are, in which we all live free and safe. My affection for the attacked young man.”

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, is no less: “We cannot tolerate as a society that they kill you with the cry of a fagot or that they put you in a portal to beat you up for your sexual orientation. We do not allow LGTBIphobic discourses and against women’s rights. affection for the attacked young man “.

There are still two days to discover that the young man was attacked … but voluntarily. And, of course, they did not assassinate him. The rest of the newspapers, meanwhile, replicate the news. They get down to work. The police investigate a homophobic attack with a knife in the center of Madrid, dice The country. Homophobic aggression in Madrid: eight hooded men stab the word fag on the buttock of a young man, dice The world.

The snowball is just starting to roll.

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Tuesday. Day 2

The mystery is simply there: who could have committed an outrage like this on a Sunday, in broad daylight? Are organized gangs hunting for homosexuals in Madrid? Are they Spanish or foreigners? At what point did the city of freedom become a nest of homophobia?

Each header looks for its topic. The reason: They investigate Latino gangs in the homophobic aggression of Malasaña. ABC: Marlaska refuses to speak of ‘hunting’ against LGTB. The Plural: Madrid still does not create the LGTBI Council after 1,246 homophobic attacks in the last five years.

Too The Madrid left points to PP and Vox as responsible for the hatred of the collective: “Ultra-right, Ayuso and Almeida are an explosive cocktail.”

And Errejón returns to the charge. Share the viral video of JJ Vázquez from the set of Sálvame: “There will be those who continue to believe that these are identity demands, less important than the material ones. It is the fight for the freedom of all.” Like Montero: “It is not an isolated case.”

And some articles like this come to light, in The country, from Elizabeth Duval: ‘We came to think that we deserved it’: the summer in which the LGTBI collective woke up again. A platform where he assumes that the enemies of the group are “more numerous” and “more violent”, taking as an example the murder of Samuel and the Malasaña scam.

The language has undoubtedly grown. The size of the snowball is considerable. President Pedro Sánchez has called a commission against hate crimes. The investigation is ongoing. And there is only one day left for the conclusion of the suspense.

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Wednesday. Day 3

I didn’t know at noon The country, which continues, a few hours after the conclusion of the mystery: The mayor of Madrid reduces homophobic aggression to a campaign of the left.

The newspaper Public It has a live thread from ten in the morning. And it includes, to begin with, the statements of the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegria, in a radio interview: “Such reprehensible facts show how important the education of values ​​continues to be in our classrooms.”

Until, around six in the afternoon, the hare jumps in the form of news. As we titled in EL ESPAÑOL: The complainant of Malasaña’s homophobic aggression confesses that the injuries were allowed. Everything is a montage of a 20-year-old boy who cheated on his partner with two other boys. He reported to create an alibi. The alibi got out of hand.

The thread, it is true, does not ignore the revelation. And he does not find his final chapter in it either. Next, it brings together the statements of the members of the Government who anticipated the events and gave their opinions based on specifications.

As can be seen in Marlaska, he asks “not to trivialize” with the increase in hate crimes, o en Montero, after the change of version of the complainant of the homophobic aggression: “That the tree does not prevent us from seeing the forest”.

The Plural, for its part, goes one step further: The extreme right grows after learning that Malasaña’s homophobic aggression was consented. A perfect finishing touch for a delusional story. The story of how the media inflated the false homophobic crime of Malasaña. And how some never retracted.

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