The extradition of Ahumada is endorsed in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the National Criminal Court number 9 declared the request of the Mexican government to extradite the businessman Carlos Agustín Ahumada Kurtz, and ordered the delivery of the requested one.

It should be noted that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), at the request of its counterpart in Mexico City, requested the Argentine government to extradite businessman Carlos Agustín Ahumada Kurtz for the possible commission of the crime of generic fraud of the common jurisdiction.

Carlos Ahumada faces an accusation of tax fraud equal to 1 million 647,236 pesos, which he has pending since 2016, for which he is indicted in criminal case 38/2007.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City requested the General Directorate of International Procedures of the Attorney General’s Office to present the aforementioned petition through diplomatic channels.

The documentation was presented in June 2020 by the Extradition Directorate of the General Directorate of International Procedures, in accordance with the requirements established in the Extradition Treaty between the United Mexican States and the Republic of Argentina.


In 2004, the Argentine businessman became an enemy of politicians from the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), when videos were broadcast in which he was observed paying bribes to Aztec son operators, including René Bejarano and Ramón Sosamontes.

In 2000, the Mexican government sought to extradite Ahumada, accusing him of extortion, fraud, forgery and the use of apocryphal documents. However, the then Argentine prosecutor, Guillermo Marijuan, assured that the request lacked support. “It was rejected because he was being asked for not presenting some affidavits, and this person appeared and I think he even paid a fine,” he said.

In Mexico, the Argentine created the Grupo Quartz company, a construction company that received several public works contracts during the PRD administrations in Mexico City, among which Rosario Robles, former head of Government of the Federal District and currently a prisoner in our country for the file called “Master Scam” that involves alleged acts of corruption from Sedesol and Sedatu.

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