• Of which 10 Catalan minorities do not carry out formative activities carried out by the school

  • The most frequent indexes of participation correspond to families with lesser studies and lower incomes

The experts in education coincide in affirming that the education of the children does not agree when the deadline is fixed. I know that extracurricular activities is a key factor in educational success. Without embarrassment, these extracurriculars also reproduce the desigualdades socioeconomics. Así, según el study ‘Education 360º: more in terms of lesson time’, every 10 years and adolescents do not carry out extracurricular activities habitually. The most important indexes of responses, in addition, to a determined profile: fathers with less studies, less family incomes, from foreign origins and single-parent families. So, these activities, enriquecedoras, are convened in a space generating desigualdades. “The alumni with the most risk of school dropout and in families with poor educational conditions also the alumni who participate in extracurriculars “, advertises the information.

The study also shows that the graduates do not only participate in the extracurricular activities, but also in the type of activity. The hogs with lesser increments made my school refusal more difficult, less idiomatic and less artistic activities. We also have one genius brecha: the chicas have more diverse activities and the chicas have the most active activities.

La pandemic has also affected this educational goal. Education 360º estimates that the participation rate of primary and secondary school pupils in ESO in Catalonia has increased from 80% in 2019 to 55% in May of 2021, that is to say 31% of pupils who have died. Catalonia’s Health Survey of 2020, which detected a seminal disc media outcry in the case of extracurricular activities.

Based on this situation photo, the Bofill Foundation advertise to the administrations, between the 15 medidas to guarantee educational equalityact to eliminate these disabilities, ensuring that all alumni, “independently of their socio-economic conditions, can continue throughout the year to have extracurricular experiences and more educational education for the school”.

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Less income, less participation

El Barcelona City Council has received the guante and has impulsed a plan so that all minorities from 3 to 16 years of age can have access to extracurriculars, knowing that the money is not a problem. “Politics of late in educational barriers”, series of philosophy. The dates recovered in the barriers of the city no dejan lugar a dudas: the districts with lower interest rate level has less offer and less participation in extra schools. A 70.6% of minor practitioners of extracurricular activities and only 48% of activities without deportation, according to the survey of deportation habits of the population in the school year of Barcelona 2018. The consistency has detected, moreover, that families with children have children superior studies are the ones who choose the most for their cultural or artistic activities. In Barcelona, ​​while 20% of 16-year-olds with fewer children practice non-cultural activities and regular regular training, this percentage is only 4% between the most elevated social strata.

Registration platform

The program has arranged the machinery. Account for this 2022 and 2023 with a budget of 23 million euros that will serve to finance the structure, the ‘late office’ and to impulse new activity offer. This very school has constituted the working month with the ocio, sports and culture entities that collaborate with the initiative.

As of September 2023, families can access a unique, easy-to-use platform, from which to choose activities to those who want to join them and solicit them. Tender guaranteed as minimize late on weekdays. The more if the appetite. All the barriers will offer a “proximity, quality, sufficiency and diversity” offer. Depending on the family income, you can access it becas of 100%, of 80%, of 50% or of 30%, as one succeeds in the activities of the ocean. The objective is that, for whom there is no point, they prices resulten también asequibles.

Priority for 24,000 children

The program is executed in phases. Tendrane priorities 24,000 minor what the support is estimated to be in most vulnerable situation. I have all kinds of activities, both deportivas, although the idea is to potentiate those activities that are not consolidated as deportivas practice. “The deportivo is a very consolidated ambition. In exchange for the idioms, the artistic and cultural activities are not structured”, according to the support.

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Antes, its next march, will march on the initiative ‘Som artistes’, an extracurricular of artistic practice conducted to 800 children and adolescents who are implanted in four barriers that have been offered by this type: the Besòs-Maresme, Bon Pastor, Trinitat Vella and Trinitat Nova. Follow the steps of ‘Menjallibres 2.0‘, a program of reading and expression in Catalan in which 500 children were born between 7 and 9 years old and that was being carried out in 30 public schools of 12 barriers of the city.

“If it seeks to increase the right to education above the college, reduce inequalities and advance in the cultural rights of children and young people in order to be able to participate in the communal life with equal opportunities”, concludes the Education Council, Pau Gonzàlez Val.


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