The evidence corner the three accused of the triple violation of Sant Boi

  • The defendants admit that they had sexual relations with the victim, but that it was consensual, after revealing that biological remains of them were found on the girl’s body and clothes.

On Monday, a mass of evidence cornered the three accused of the brutal turn-based rape of a young woman in a clearing of Sant Boi de Llobregat, whom they picked up in a car when leaving a disco in Molins de Rei, the May 19, 2018 The biological remains found on the victim’s body and clothing they point directly to José Miguel VS, Mohamed H. and Jordi C., the three defendants, who had no choice but to defend themselves by ensuring that the sexual intercourse they were spoiled and even declared that the girl had provoked them. The prosecution confirmed the request for a sentence of 46 years for one of the defendants and 43 years for the other two and raised the compensation to 45,000 euros

The forensics reported in the second session of the trial held in the Barcelona audience that they found biological remains, including semen, of two of the defendants, José Miguel V. and Mohamed H., in different areas of the complainant’s body, as well as other unidentifiable samples. When analyzing the girl’s clothes, they found blood and semen from these two defendants, but also from the third, Jordi C.

Recent bruising

Two other experts specified that the victim had marks and bruises on her arms compatible with the pressure caused by forcibly restraining a person. Their coloration, they specified, was blue, they were “recent”. The prosecutor maintains that the defendants raped the girl one by one while the other two grabbed her.

These same doctors offered another revealing piece of information that agrees with the victim’s version that they grabbed her by the hair, after leaving the Molins nightclub, to put her in the trunk of the car. Specifically, they alluded to the fact that the young woman had a part of her reddened scalp that, in their opinion, reveals that her strong hair had been pulled hard before she went to the hospital, where she was treated and examined.

“Also him they ripped off an earring during the aggression & rdquor ;, assured the experts, and, in addition, he had “defensive” injuries. The victim, they certified, consumed alcohol and cocaine that night. Another proof of the charge is that the signal from the mobile phones of the defendants was registered in Sant Boi de Llobregat, where the alleged sexual assault was committed.

The defense

The defense tried to show Through an expert on the part, that is to say at his request, that the profiles of the accused were not sexual offenders, although he went further and questioned the version of the victim. “It does not present sufficient criteria of veracity. It lacked concretion & rdquor ;, argued the experts. The president of the court snapped: “More and more dumbfounded by the level of the intervention & rdquor ;. Later, the magistrate asked about the methodology used and if these specialists had interviewed the victim, to which they answered that they had not. They only relied on the written statements.

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Against this background, the accused they defended themselves in court admitting that they had sexual relations with the young woman, but that they were consensual. The three made a traced statement, in which they recalled that that night they were at the disco and that one of them met the girl. When it closed, they got into the car and when they were leaving, the victim told them that he was leaving with them.

In the vehicle, according to the defendants, the girl began to provoke them with kisses and touching. Direction to Sant Boi, they stressed, they passed a McDonals, where the girl went to the bathroom. They bought some hamburgers and they went to the field de Sant Boi, There, they recognized, they had sexual relations, in their opinion, “consensual & rdquor; with her, after she hinted, “I was fine, calm, good vibes, we were comfortable & rdquor ;, they explained. The fact is that she was photographed with her breasts out. “She asked us to & rdquor ;, explained a defendant. Those photographs were sent by one of the defendants to the other two.

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