The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 already has all its participants: the 5 keys to the contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 already has all its chosen participants. This Saturday they decided the last ones: Portugal, Iceland and Sweden. Armenia and Azerbaijanwho have already chosen their representatives, are the only ones who have not yet wanted to publish the songs with which they will fight for victory in Turin next May. The bookmakers are already fuming while the artists work on their staging. It’s time for choreographers, stage directors, ‘vocal coaches’ and producers, polishing details of the 40 proposals that will fight for the precious Crystal Microphone.

Ukraine’s prominence

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be marked by the invasion of Ukraine. The representatives of this country, Kalush Orchestra, are the great favorites of the contest, although today they do not even know if they will be able to go to Turin. They have organized a team of volunteers who assist people displaced by the war, providing them with shelter, food and medicine. Due to the conflict, they have had to put aside all the preparations for the festival, substituting micros for rifles in the rear. If they finally go, the moment in which Eurovision connects with Ukraine to find out their votes is expected to be historic, just as it happened in 1993 when the Bosnian jury offered theirs from a sarajevo besieged by bombing.

The war, with intense bombing of civilian targets, led to Estonia and Finland threatened to boycott the Festival if Russia was not expelled. Other countries also showed their discomfort at participating in the show with a Russian delegation. Eurovision was finally forced not to let Russia participate and is currently processing its official withdrawal from the organization.

Spanish expectations

After years of resounding eurofailures, Spain counts again for victory in Eurovision. chanell She has dazzled by her skills as a dancer and her ability to sing without the slightest physical effort being noticed during her performance. She currently ranks eighth in the bookmakers. The artist has already begun to prepare her number in Turin at the TVE facilities under the orders of Kyle Hanagamiwho had already prepared the choreography for ‘SloMo‘ for him benidorm fest. Based in Los Angeles, Hanagami has already worked for internationally renowned artists, such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. On the Eurovision stage, Chanel will be accompanied by her five dancers: Pol Soto, Josh Huerta, Exo Narcos, Ria Pérez and Raquel Caurín.

Chanel has released the promotional video for her song. Until she leaves for Turin, the artist plans to perform at the drag queen gala of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this Friday, a concert with other Eurovision stars of this year in Barcelona on March 26, and a trip to Miami in mid-April to work on other songs with which to begin to provide their own musical repertoire.

Although a priori it does not count for victory, Finland will be represented by The Rasmus. The band, with almost three decades of experience, hit it big in 2003 with the song ‘In the shadows’, whose video clip has already accumulated more than 92 million views on YouTube. In Turin they will compete with ‘Jezebel‘, a theme that deals with a ‘femme fatale’. San Marinofor its part, participates with Achille Laura, Italian star of underground rap and punk rock. To defend ‘stripper‘, which talks about a toxic relationship.

The Latvians Citi Zeni and the Serbian Konstrakta They will teach us about the importance of leading a healthy life. The former, in the first three sentences of their song ‘Eat your salad’, advise us to go by bike instead of polluting with a car, not to use plastic and to be vegetarians; ‘Save the Planet!’, they sing in the chorus. The Serbian begins her ‘In corpore Sano’ wondering about the secret of the hair of Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry of England. And right after, she tells us about the dark circles under her eyes and the stains around her lips to end by subtly denouncing that in her country artists do not have access to social security. Moldovans Zdub yes Zdob they also gracefully skirt the ban on getting involved in politics with their song ‘Trenuletul’, which is an ode to the union of their country with Romania.

The show will be held at Palasport of Turin. It is a multipurpose pavilion built to host the ice hockey competition of the 2006 Winter Olympics. It was designed by the Italian Pier Paolo Maggiora and for the japanese arata isozaki, father of the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. The Festival stage will be a visual allegory of Italy, the host country. It was designed by the scenographer Francesca Montinarowhich has in its vast curriculum assemblies for exhibitions, plays and television sets, among others.

Al del Festival has baptized him ‘The Sun within‘. It will be presided over by a semicircular structure that will represent the sun. Below, a cascading water effect and at the foot of the track, a large garden, where the Green Room will be set up, that is, the area where the artists rest after performing and continue voting towards the final part of the show. Assembly will begin this week. On the occasion of the Festival, Turin will program concerts and a vast cultural agenda in the valentine’s parktrue symbol of the city.

Laura Pausino and Mike will be the presenters of the Festival. Pausini is one of the most international and award-winning singers on the Italian music scene at the moment. With 18 released albums, she has won five Grammys. She combines her artistic side with the humanitarian, supporting various campaigns for the rights of children, battered women, refugees and AIDS patients, among others. Mika rose to fame in 2007 with her first single, titled ‘Grace Kelly‘. The artist, of British nationality, is a declared fan of Eurovision. Just after Eurovision, he will leave for the United States, where he will start a tour that will later bring him back to Europe.

next to them will be Alessandro Cattelan, one of the best-known faces on Italian television; creator and host of several late-night variety shows. He has also been the master of ceremonies for the local edition of the XFactor.

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