When the Russian bombardments on Ukraine intensify, it is essential to approve a new package of economic sanctions on Russiasaid this Sunday in Chili the head of diplomacy European Union, Joseph Borrell.

More than two months after the start of the war, “the bombings in (the Ukrainian city of) Odessa are intensifying, implying that Russia intends to isolate Ukraine from the sea,” Borrell explained in a meeting in Santiago with the media, at the end of his visit to Chile.

For this reason “I believe that a new package of sanctions, which is being prepared, is absolutely essential,” added the diplomat.

This new package, which if approved would be the sixth, “inevitably has to cover the gaps that have not yet been closed in the previous packages” and would concentrate on energy sector Y banking.

“There are people who think that no more sanctions should be imposed” but “we have to use our economic and financial capacities to make Russia pay the price for what it is doing,” Borrell emphasized at the end of his visit to Chile, where he met on Wednesday with President Gabriel Boric.

The head of European diplomacy added that he expects an agreement to approve a new package before May 16. However, he added, “at the moment there is not, but work is being done on it.”

After visiting Chile, Borrell undertook a trip this Sunday to Panama.

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