The European Commission asks to withdraw the ‘golden passports’ of the sanctioned Russians

The European Comission (EC) this Monday asked the countries of the Union to study end up with any Program from citizenship or residence in exchange for investments -known as ‘golden passports‘-, which may have benefited Russian citizens or Belarusians support the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, he has urged that withdraw “immediately” the permissions from residence issued under these programs.

In particular, the Community Executive has urged the Member States to “evaluate Yes withdraw the citizenship granted under a scheme of ‘golden passport‘ to Russian or Belarusian citizens who appear on a list of sanctions of the EU in relation to the war in Ukraine”, he explained in a statement. The measure seeks to reduce and regulate the multi-billion dollar citizenship and visa industry, which the EU has long considered a risk for the securitysince many of the people sanctioned by the EU have european passport in exchange for investments thanks to these programs.

currently only malt, Cyprus and Bulgaria have these types of programs underway and all of them have committed to finish them. In fact, the Cypriot Parliament has just voted to end his programme.

“The current context of Russian aggression against Ukraine once again highlights these risks. Some Russian or Belarusian citizens who are subject to sanctions or who significantly support the war in Ukraine may have acquired the citizenship of the European Union or privileged access to the Union, even to travel freely within the Schengen area, under these programs,” Brussels warned.

Withdraw residence permits

The Commission has pointed out that the permits for home issued under an investment residency program to Russian or Belarusian nationals subject to sanctions “must withdraw immediatelyafter a individual evaluation and in accordance with the principle of proportionality, fundamental rights and the national legislation of the Member States”.

“These measures should apply to citizens russians or Belarusians what support significantly the war in Ukraine”, he added. In this sense, Brussels has pointed out that European governments must check if the sanctioned people have a golden passport or a visa issued by them.

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On the other hand, Brussels this Monday urged the EU countries to derogate immediately any Program from citizenship or residency for investment and to guarantee “strict controls to address the risks posed by residency for investment schemes”.

Previously, the European Comission had already asked the EU countries to adopt measures in this sense and this Monday has presented a recommendation, which is part of “the Commission’s broader policy to take decisive action on these programmes”. Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the U has sanctioned nearly 700 politicians, businessmen or military personnel accused of supporting the Kremlin.

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