The EU is preoccupied with electricity reform

Nadie hopes that the United States Governor declares himself to be promoting the electric reform promoted by the Mexican Government. However, it is to be hoped that the Biden’s Higher Energy Authority will be very forthcoming about its concerns. Hasta ahora, sus colegas habían sido muy reservados en el tema.

It seems that President Apostolic Lopez Obrador has already stated that the governor of the United States certainly does not have to say that he is “very respectful” – as he expresses some displeasure with being irresponsible. And this is the apostle Nahle’s secretary when he says, this week, that the United States governor has no problem with the reform initiative – if the world does not go to hell.

It does not work. Today we know the position of the governor of the United States. And in terms of the form in which it was transmitted, there is very little room for malpractice. During the visit of Jennifer Granholm’s Secretariat, each communication decision has implicit messages that allow the level of preoccupation to be interpreted.

Granholm should have mentioned that the government has no preoccupation with it. Pero escogió adjetivarlas. His “real” preoccupations. The governor of the United States is really concerned.

His message has been given the dimension of protection of the rights of the individual inversionists. Pero al hablar del intereste goberno de Estados Unidos en colaborar con México en energias limpias y medio ambiente –e immediatamente despuice explain that la electric reform obstuculiza esos esfuerzos– Granholm no staba si solo diplomatically correct. This is the message that is also a State-of-State theme.

This is what I want to do at some of the meetings. But the agencies have stated that they say “expressly” in “each meeting” that they support. In the words of Ambassador Salazar, in addition, the visit of the Granholm Secretariat was “historic”: never before had a Secretary (s) of the United States of America met with all the leaders of the Legislature, the President of Mexico, cabinet secretaries, the private sector and civil society. Is it a coincidence that the roadshow has been too long?

Aun asi, pudo haberlo dated as commentary on closed doors. Pero no. Use the most powerful distribution vehicles. Puso in a communiqué, in a tweet y, por si hubiera duda de que staba yendo más alla la tradition in a regular visit, hasta video con el ambada grabó.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that this is an individual position, solely by the Department of Energy. Pero se han tomado varias medidas para justrar just lo contrario. On Saturday, a company card was added jointly with the titles of the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce and the US Trade Representative in response to a Republican legislator. They say they share their concerns about Mexico and are taking action. Officials and legislators, Republicans and Democrats: there are juntos in this.

No hay vuelta atrás. Despite all the efforts of the Mexican governing body over the occult, we know that the United States governing body has real preoccupations with the reform. Do we know that López Obrador considers them relevant – if not, what is his role to play in inhibiting and ignoring them? Solo queda decidir si ignorear, atender o confrontar. Ojalá gane la prudencia. But the precedents are preoccupied.


Pablo Zárate


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