The EU extends free roaming until 2032

  • Brussels prolongs regulation and Europeans will be able to continue calling and using mobile data in the EU at no additional cost

Europeans will be able to continue calls and using Mobile data on the European Union (EU) without having to pay additional costs. This Thursday, the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament have reached a political agreement that extends until 2032 the end of the ‘roaming‘.

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Thus, the regulation that came into force in June 2017 is extended by a decade, allowing users of the continent to use their mobiles with the same conditions contracted in your rate, eliminating additional payments. The agreement closed this Thursday highlights that those who travel to another EU country will have the right to have the same speed of internet than in your country of residence. The EC has regretted that for 33% of consumers the quality of Connection the network has been worse when they leave their territory.

Although it has yet to be formally ratified, the text agreed between the member states obliges telephone operators to inform their customers of any overrun that the call to telephones of Customer Support from companies that charge that extra for your assistance. The regulation also establishes that users have the right to make emergency calls completely free of charge regardless of the EU country they are in.

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