The essential and the accessory, by Rosa Paz

If nothing happens, what is not possible, the Government will register these cases that the Congress of Deputies approves the labor reform. Pedro Sánchez, Yolanda Díaz and the rest of the gubernamental team were at the very moment holding the alieno porque in the salian the accounts ante the negative of their preferred societies, ERC and PNV, second the pact established with the syndicates and the patron. The agreement of the social agents also is difficult and we have many agorarians who consider it invaluable. It will be logged, as it will proceed to its parliamentary approval, thank you, for sure, a Ciudadanos, that recupera centralidad, ya dos puñados de grupos pequeños, entre ellos Compromise, UPN y el PDECat, which has rooted out the Catalan nationalism’s strategy of voting against —Esquerra and Junts— and is deceiving these miracles by the ‘sí’.

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La Parliamentary Debit of the Government Coalition, which sums up only 155 of the 350 deputies of the Cámara Baja, the obligation to negotiate each project with many groups. It is not the first time that the Executive has been in a agonistic situation with the vote, reason for more ask why the PSOE and the United Nations are concerned about political barrenness, asomándose al vacío aún a riesgo de despenarse, y no buscan la seguridad en el traat emerado con sus habitios sociales que, a veces, como ahora, y al margin de otros argumentos, se han sentido marginados y airados. However, it is clear that in a project in which Sanchez and Díaz had such expectant aunts, they had attempts to reduce the water supply to those with no ideological syntax. If there is, then, a transversal norm, the nature of agreement, also transversal, of patronage and syndicates. The approval of the labor reform is a sign that many parties are involved, incapacitating many times over. distinguish between the essentials, the labor reform, and the accessory, the sympathies or antipathies reciprocated and the purely partisan interests.

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